Advanced Multi-Tenancy Capability

Teamwire`s enterprise messaging solution now offers its customers an advanced multi-tenancy capability.

Teamwire, Nov 16 2015

While Teamwire has always been multi-tenant capable, we now offer a more comprehensive and innovative feature set.


Generally Teamwire allows an enterprise to set up and manage individual tenants for its different organizations, business units and subsidiaries. This is a very important requirement for strong data protection, compliance and professional administration. Especially larger enterprise with several subsidiaries cannot operate properly without multi-tenant support.


With the advanced multi-tenancy capability the individual tenants can be summarized automatically in a top-level tenant for better overview, faster access and easier administration.


Besides an enterprise can appoint super-administrators for the whole organization, who have the rights to access, control and manage all tenants. The super-administrators can not only easily manage users, but also quickly configure communication settings, determine corporate policies, manage groups and activate other relevant settings of the various tenants.



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