Finanz Informatik Chooses Teamwire as Secure WhatsApp Alternative

Finanz Informatik, based in Frankfurt am Main, is the IT service provider of the Sparkassen-Finanzgruppe. Its customers include savings banks, eight state banks, DekaBank, eight state building societies, public insurers and other companies in the savings bank financial group and the financial sector.

Teamwire, Sep 28 2017

Its customers include hundreds of savings banks, eight state banks, DekaBank, eight state savings banks, public insurers as well as other companies of the Sparkassen-Finanzgruppe and the financial sector. Finanz Informatik offers comprehensive IT services – from application development, infrastructure and datacenter operation to consulting, training and support. With OSPlus, the company now represents one of the leading global banking systems for the German market.


Finanz Informatik is responsible for the service for 120 million bank accounts; on the computers and systems, more than 108 billion technical transactions are carried out annually. At the end of 2016 the company had about 3,200 employees. The revenues of Finanz Informatik together with the subsidiaries amounted to around 1.8 billion euros.


The Task


Digitalization today has far-reaching implications for how to obtain and compare customer information and make decisions. The financial sector is also affected by this development. Customers are now expecting a direct consultation, both in the use of mobile technologies and in the speed of decision-making processes.


Finanz Informatik has taken this development into account and developed its existing mobile platform based on the changed customer behavior. The “my mobile office” offering (mymo) supports digitization in the savings banks and speeds up workflows on mobile devices. The centerpiece of the solution is a “framework app”, which acts as the navigation center for the individual services. Core components are different applications and services, as well as a messaging app.


The messaging app should serve as a supplement to the email and create a much more direct as well as faster dialog between employees. In recent years, messaging apps have established themselves as the primary communication medium with their chat capabilities. WhatsApp has demonstrated impressively how such technical tools can significantly speed up and simplify human communication. Many employees are accustomed to private messaging apps like WhatsApp and appreciate the benefits of fast and informal messaging. The enterprise messaging app as part of mymo is intended to act as a own, secure “WhatsApp for the savings bank group” and to speed up communication within and between institutes.


For the Finanz Informatik and the Sparkassen-Finanzgruppe, strong German data protection, high security standards and enterprise-wide compliance are fundamental requirements. Consistent compliance with regulatory requirements is essential. As the largest German banking organization, the Sparkassen-Finanzgruppe of course needs a scalable and high-performance messaging app, which can be operated on-premise in the data centers of the Finanz Informatik. It is important to have a multi-tenant capability, so that each institution of the savings bank group can administer the messaging app itself and configure it according to individual needs. In addition, the messaging app has to be rolled out quickly on mobile devices and can safely be used in the container of an MDM solution.


The Solution


With the introduction of mymo, Finanz Informatik provides the institutes of the Sparkassen-Finanzgruppe with a tool that opens up completely new opportunities for their employees to work in the office, at the customer’s premises and during travels. Core components of mymo include email, calendar, and contact information apps, an intranet and Internet browser, a cloud storage, a multimedia tool, a video conferencing solution, and the Teamwire messaging app. Alls apps and services are managed with the mobile device management solution of MobileIron.


As the chat solution for mymo, Finanz Informatik has chosen Teamwire, the secure messaging app for enterprises. Teamwire provides an intuitive messaging app with a user experience similar to WhatsApp. Employees can communicate with Teamwire 1:1 and in group chats, with the group chats serving as communication channels for teams, departments, workgroups and projects. Like with WhatsApp, employees can send text messages and digital content such as photos, videos, files and more. In addition to the use of Teamwire on the smartphones of the staff, a significant advantage is the use of the app also on a tablet. If an employee uses both a smartphone and a tablet, the data between the devices is synchronized.


In the backend, Teamwire, like all mymo components, is operated in the data centers of Finanz Informatik. A highly scalable and high-performance cluster setup for Teamwire was implemented as an on-premise solution in the data centers. For the implementation of the project and the integration of the MDM solution of MobileIron, Finanz Informatik has selected EBF GmbH. As an experienced IT service provider for software development and consulting in the mobile sector, EBF has successfully implemented complex projects over the last 20 years. In the project, EBF’s experience in designing, integrating and rolling out (mobile) environments has been very beneficial.


The Customer Benefit


The group chats and team channels in Teamwire for specific topics and projects serve as virtual meeting rooms, which enable faster communication, provide always an up-to-date overview of all important things and speed up the decision-making processes. Through the chat functions there is a much more direct dialogue than before with the email. The exchange of digital content with Teamwire, such as photos and videos, also simplifies communication and helps to spread news. Teamwire’s availability on the mobile devices allows employees in the office, at the customer’s site and on business travel to communicate easily at any time.


Through the integration of Teamwire into the Enterprise Mobility Management System of MobileIron, which is be the basis for the provision of mymo with all its components and services, a fast deployment of Teamwire is ensured. There is no installation or configuration required by the user.


As a result, the Sparkassen-Finanzgruppe can communicate more quickly with Teamwire and accelerate the exchange of information and decision making. The enterprise messaging app Teamwire is a way to accelerate workflows of the savings bank group in the digital age and to increase the productivity of all its employees and teams.


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