How to Identify the Best Use Cases for a Messenger for Enterprises

There are many use cases for a messenger for enterprises like Teamwire. When evaluating or deploying a messenger, initially most enterprises have got a few use cases in mind.

Teamwire, Jul 17 2017

Once the app is rolled out, additional use cases emerge and employees come up with more ideas for an application of the messenger. In order to identify the best use cases of a messenger for enterprises in a more structured and analytical way, the following questions might be of help.


Important Questions to Ask:


  • For which use cases is email not efficient enough?
  • For which communication and information exchange use cases is email to slow?
  • Which employees and teams have an email “overload” and where does this negatively affect the enterprise?
  • For which use cases is WhatsApp as part of the shadow IT used?
  • For which use cases are the existing communication tools not good enough, too slow, too limited, not secure or not efficient for


# factory and plant workers?
# store or warehouse employees?
# logistics workers?
# sales agents?
# customer service agents?
# field staff?
# security personal?
# office staff?
# consultants?
# managers?
# the board?


  • Which teams, projects and units need group chats and channels to accelerate and simplify the communication (and avoid endless email threads)?
  • In which use cases are there problems/inefficiencies in the communication between mobile and desktop workers?
  • Which meetings can be done virtually with group chats and team channels in order to save time?
  • Where can an enterprise reduce travel costs by connecting employees and teams in various office locations with a messenger?
  • Which employees are regularly traveling or on the move and need a messenger for faster information exchange and better coordination?
  • Which employees would benefit from easy and instant sharing of digital content like photos, videos, voice messages, locations, web links, files and documents?
  • In which use cases is a fast access to digital content on mobile devices required?
  • Where does an enterprise need to improve, accelerate or automate mobile workflows and processes?
  • Are there areas or teams in an enterprise where the communication and collaboration is not efficient and fast enough?
  • Where does an enterprise need to improve sharing of ideas and transfer of knowledge?
  • In which use cases do topics needs to be discussed in group chats in real-time and quickly solved?
  • Are there use cases where employee require read receipts (in 1:1 or in group chats)?
  • Where does an enterprise need faster decision making and instant responses?
  • Where does an enterprise need to immediately reach an employee with a messenger?
  • In which use cases do employees or teams need instant sharing of news and time-critical updates?
  • Which use cases would increase the productivity of the enterprise?
  • How can a connection of messenger to the IT ecosystem automate and accelerate workflows?
  • Which use cases can be covered with integrations and connections to the IT ecosystem?
  • Which use cases can be automated and accelerated with bots?
  • What enterprise data and information needs to be protected?
  • Where and how does compliance need to be assured?
  • Which current communication tools are not secure enough?
  • What communications and information exchange need to be kept confidential?
  • For which use cases should employees switch to a secure messenger for the enterprise?
  • In which use cases could a messenger for the enterprise increase employee satisfaction?
  • Which employees would be more motivated by using a messenger for the enterprise?
  • Where can an enterprise engage employees with a messenger?


Categorization and Prioritization of Use Cases:  


With the help of these questions a lot of use cases can be identified for a messenger for the enterprise. Ideally these use cases are then categorized in core use cases, advanced use cases and extended use cases. The core use cases should be prioritized in the ones that are most important to start with for the enterprise. In subsequent phases the other core use cases, advanced use cases and extended use cases can be specifically applied.


If you are interested in best practices for successfully implementing and rolling out an enterprise messenger, please also read our related blog post.


If you have questions on use cases for a messenger for enterprises or want to identify the best use cases of Teamwire for your business, please contact us.

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