New Poll Feature for Easy Scheduling and Fast Surveys

In enterprises scheduling is often related to inefficient email exchanges that cost a lot of time. Surveys are normally difficult to do in enterprises, since no adequate tools exist and the collection and evaluation of the responses are time-consuming.

Teamwire, Jan 20 2018

In enterprises scheduling is often related to inefficient email exchanges that cost a lot of time. Surveys are normally difficult to do in enterprises, since no adequate tools exist and the collection and evaluation of the responses are time-consuming. Teamwirejust released a new poll feature for its mobile and desktop apps. The poll feature greatly simplifies scheduling for enterprises and allows employees to quickly create surveys.


The Problem of Scheduling and Surveys in the Enterprise


Until now scheduling and surveys in the enterprise are often done in long and inefficient communication exchanges. Often this communication is done via email, but increasingly via insecure shadow IT tools like WhatsApp. Furthermore, the collection of opinions and responses is generally time-consuming. In addition the analysis takes significant time, especially if the evaluation needs to be done in other tools like Excel. Finally, the results and insights of surveys need to be transferred in an adequate format, in order to be communicated to relevant stakeholders in the enterprise. Overall the process for the scheduling and surveys is normally very inefficient and it is even worse on mobile devices.


The Benefits of Our New Poll Feature


In comparison the poll feature of Teamwire is very easy to use and saves a lot of time for the enterprise and its employees. Our polls are ideal for planning and finding the best time for a business meeting, customer event, conference call or anything you need to schedule. The poll feature is also perfect to collect opinions, gain insights and understand preferences of employees, customers and partners. This can help to improve product and services, to understand employee satisfaction, to gather event feedback, to assess market trends, to determine business strategy and much more.


How to Use the Poll Feature for Easy Scheduling and Fast Surveys


1. Polls are easy to create. Polls can be created in new chats or in existing group chats. In order to attach enough importance to a poll, it can make sense to start a new group chat for that topic. In a (new) chat a user can select „Poll“ in the digital attachment menu. The user then types a title for the scheduling (e.g. „Sales Meeting“ or „Customer Workshop“) or a question for the survey to be answered by the recipients (e.g. „How do you like X?“ or „How satisfied are you with Y?“). The user then types a couple of possible answers. For a scheduling these responses could be for example: Monday 11:00AM, Tuesday 3:00PM, Wednesday 9:00AM. For a survey these answers could be „good“, „better than before“, „bad“, „happy“ or anything that could be interesting to find out.


2. Polls are easy to send and to answer. The user can simply send the created poll to the members of a group chat. The chat members can instantly see an overview of the poll and its possible responses in the group chat, and a chat member can easily select her preferred answer. As soon as somebody selects an answer, the results of the survey are immediately updated in the overview of the poll.


3. Polls are easy to analyze. When enough responses have been collected, the creator of the poll can officially end the poll. The final results get automatically displayed in the overview of the poll. The number of responses are shown in total and the ranking of the answers are calculated as a percentage. Therefore the results and insights are transparent and instantly available to everyone in the group chat.


Availability of the New Poll Feature


The poll feature is available on the latest mobile and desktop apps of Teamwire. Therefore employees can access and do polls on all devices at any time and anyplace. Please contact us for more information on the new polls.

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