Self-Hosted HipChat Alternative for Enterprises with Own Data Centers

Last week the professional collaboration tool Slack announced that it is acquiring the workplace chat tools HipChat and Stride from the software company Atlassian.

Teamwire, Jul 29 2018

Last week the professional collaboration tool Slack announced that it is acquiring the workplace chat tools HipChat and Stride from the software company Atlassian. The plan is to discontinue HipChat and Stride, and migrate their users to Slack. Apart of all the migration questions that users of HipChat and Stride are now bothering, there are even bigger problems for enterprises with the self-hosted version of HipChat:


1. Enterprises need an alternative product. Slack is a cloud service from the USA and will not meet their data protection and security requirements.


2. HipChat will not be further developed. That means there will be no updates to solve bugs and to protect against security issues and similar threats.


Many enterprises are now looking for an alternative to the self-hosted HipChat solution that can be hosted in their own data centers or on-premise servers.


Teamwire is the on-premise alternative to HipChat


Teamwire offers a great alternative especially for customers with the self-hosted HipChat solution. Teamwire’s leading enterprise messaging app is available as an on-premise solution that can be hosted in own data centers or servers:


1. The self-hosted product of Teamwire is a scalable and performantsolution for enterprises, mid-sized businesses and the public sector.


2. Our on-premise solution is available in different configurations for enterprise’s of any size. For large organizations we even provide high-availability and redundant cluster-setups.


3. Teamwire provides professional administration, transparent monitoring and enterprise-grade compliance features. As such the self-hosted version is multi-tenantas well as multi-domain capable.


4. Teamwire provides comprehensive securityand strong data protection (incl. full GDPR compliance). Our on-premise solution is perfect for enterprises in regulated industries and organizations with high security requirements.


5. Our self-hosted product can be easily deployed on-premiseand quickly rolled-out across the whole enterprise.


6. Professional mobile application management (MAM) and full integration in MDM/EMM solutionsreduce support, further increase security and simplify roll-outs on mobile devices.



Please contact us

Teamwire’s self-hosted product is available at comparable prices. Please contact us, if you are interested in a migration and would like to receive more information on Teamwire.

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