The Business Case of an Enterprise Messaging App

The advantages of an enterprise messaging app for a business are easily communicated.

Teamwire, Feb 06 2016

Also the costs of deploying and using a business messaging app are quickly understood. Still, sometimes it is difficult for enterprises to convert advantages, use cases and benefits into a solid business case. For situations like these, Teamwire provides a comprehensive, but simple to use return on investment (ROI) calculator.


The ROI calculator gives a transparent overview of all costs and benefits of our enterprise messaging app, and calculates the resulting return on investment for a business. On the one hand the total costs for the roll-out, usage and support for the users of an organization are listed (for either subscription or perpetual licenses). On the other hand productivity benefits are translated into clear monetary values based on the hourly employee costs of an enterprise. Potential productivity benefits are things like reduced meeting time, less travel costs, savings on telephone costs, less time spent doing email, reduced communication time, accelerated workflows and saved time for execution of use cases. In addition, security benefits are calculated based on avoided data leaks of confidential information, avoided damage of hacks and avoided fines for violating law, compliance and regulation.


The result is a strong business case for using an enterprise messaging app. The benefits of business messaging like improved team communication, increased productivity, faster workflows, less meetings, less email, better collaboration, secured messaging, strong data protection, company-wide compliance, etc. are all great and fine. However, at first these are soft values, which are sometimes not trivial to compare to the cost of an enterprise messaging app. Our ROI calculator capitalizes these benefits and creates a dependable business case for an organization.


The ROI calculator makes the value of an enterprise messaging app obvious for everyone in an organization. Often a single benefit (e.g. less emails or reduced meeting time) outweighs the total costs of an enterprise messaging app, when applied across the business. Of course, not all benefits are applicable to every enterprise, but the ROI calculator helps a business to quickly get an understanding what kind of gains can be achieved with enterprise messaging in their organization.


A sustainable business case that shows the value of enterprise messaging is important for the evaluation of solutions (e.g. result-focussed POC, required feature set, possible pricing) as well as for internal discussions with stakeholders (e.g. tool selection, budget decisions, approval process). Please contact us for the ROI calculator to create a business case for your organization. You will be surprised what return on investment for your business can be achieved with an enterprise messaging app.



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