Typical Customer Scenarios of Teamwire

Businesses, who are looking for an enterprise messaging app, often wonder how the various vendors compare, what differentiating attributes the solutions have and which must have features a messaging app should have. In the following we would like to give businesses a little help and guidance, how they can select the right enterprise messaging app (like e.g. Teamwire) and what criteria they should evaluate:

Teamwire, Jun 15 2015

Teamwire currently sees increasing demand for its secure enterprise messaging solution, and strongly grows every month – actually in every metric: customer enquiries, website visitors, active channel partners/resellers and closed deals.

Interestingly across all our customers a couple of patterns have evolved, that clearly show three typical customer scenarios for Teamwire’s enterprise messaging app:

1. Seeking a “WhatsApp for Enterprise”


Within an enterprise the employees often use WhatsApp or other consumer messaging apps to get an instant response from colleagues, or quickly drive and solve topics. While an enterprise first worries about the data protection, security and compliance issues of these apps, it also realizes the productivity and efficiency benefits of such apps for processes and workflows. Therefore an enterprise then actively searches for a “secure WhatsApp for enterprise”. With all the features of a leading consumer messaging app, but with all the security, collaboration and administration features of an enterprise solution, Teamwire perfectly meets that requirement.

2. Empowering a Large Mobile Workforce


An increasing part of the workforce of an enterprise are mobile. Meaning they are smartphone and/or tablet users and most of the time on the go. This particularly applies for sales agents, field services, logistics workers and employees in production facilities, but also for police men and delivery agents. For these employees email is no solution, since it is too slow, does not allow direct sharing of digital content, and lacks real-time communication. The mobile workforce requires a fast, easy-to-use and real-time messaging app optimized for mobile devices. These are requirements that Teamwire easily complies with. Thus, Teamwire is the perfect app to fully empower a large mobile workforce.


3. Securing and Protecting the Communication


Security breaches, hacker attacks, espionage activities and industrial spying are becoming more and more common. Thus, IT security is nowadays a high priority for an enterprise. Especially in order to protect data, employees and intellectual property, an enterprise looks for a professional solution that secures the communication. Teamwire has been built to satisfy high security requirements. Teamwire features strong data protection and is a completely encrypted messaging solution that is not only available as a cloud but as well as an on-premise deployment.

If you are interested in further understanding these customer scenarios, or would like to understand how Teamwire could benefit your enterprise, we are looking forward to hearing from you. Please contact us for more information.

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