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Teamwire Web Client Officially Released

After many months of intensive testing by customers and several releases with improvements, Teamwire's web client is now publicly available in version 1.11.

Partnership with MobileIron – Secure Messenger and UEM

MobileIron and Teamwire have partnered to provide customers with an intuitive and secure enterprise messenger that can be easily managed and fully protected across an organization's mobile infrastructure.

Teamwire introduces function for emergency communication

Teamwire is a secure business messaging app for companies, government agencies and healthcare organizations. With a new emergency function for critical situations and emergencies, Teamwire can now accelerate the flow of information, improve employee protection and provide comprehensive support in crisis communications.

Teamwire at Infosec 2019

We will present our secure messaging app for enterprises and public authorities on the Infosec 2019 in London from the 4th to 6th June.

External communication through secure guest accesses

External communication with partners, customers and clients can be a relevant topic for a corporate messenger.

Teamwire at DMEA 2019

Teamwire will present its secure messaging app for hospitals, medical centers and healthcare facilities at the DMEA on 9th to 11th April in Berlin.

More Alerting and Crisis Communication Features for Our Enterprise Messaging App

The advanced innovative alerting and crisis communication features are major enhancements to Teamwire for enterprises, covering use cases for critical events, crisis situations and emergencies.

Teamwire at GPEC DIGITAL 2019

Teamwire presents its secure messaging app for police forces, public authorities and organizations with security tasks at the GPEC DIGITAL 2019 from 13th to 14th March in Berlin.

Which hosting fits your Teamwire usage? Cloud or on-premise?

Businesses often wonder what cloud or hosting environment is best for their organization. Because of different models and services, one cloud is actual not equal to another cloud.

Teamwire at PMRExpo 2018

We will present our secure messaging app for enterprises and public authorities on the PMRExpo 2018 in Cologne from the 27th to 29th November.

Inspiring to communicate

Teamwire is a holistic business communication solution with highest data security standards to connect non-desk, frontline, and offline employees for simple internal and external exchange purposes anywhere, anytime, in any event.