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Interoperability: Communicating securely between messengers

Will we soon be able to communicate seamlessly from one messenger app to another, without any barriers or security concerns? Even between highly secure business solutions and customer messaging apps?

On the go, communicate safely: Tips for maximum security

How easily sensitive data can fall into the wrong hands is demonstrated by the data leak at the German Military. That is just the tip of the iceberg: More and more, authorities, organizations, and com

Secure Communication: Meet Our Professionals here in 2024

Secure communication is once again on everyone's lips in 2024 - especially since officers of the Bundeswehr discussed military strategies over an insecure connection. And numerous other authorities an

Federation: Communicate Securely & Effectively with Your Partner Organizations

For authorities, it is crucial to coordinate their work with other organizations securely and quickly. Companies also often need a smart way to exchange large data volumes and daily arrangements with

WhatsApp in Businesses: GDPR Compliance Assessment

With a user base exceeding two billion people worldwide, WhatsApp has established itself as one of the leading instant messaging services. Alternatives such as Signal and Threema also enjoy popularity

7 Reasons Why Your Company Needs a Secure Business Messenger

Do your employees operate from various locations or often work remotely? Since the Taurus-Leak incident involving the German Military, many individuals have been concerned about the security of sensit

MIMI with MLS – the new standard for interoperability of messaging apps?

A new standard called MIMI for the interoperability of instant messaging apps is currently on the way. The interoperability of messaging apps has been a topic of strong interest for years. MIMI focuse

Messenger meets GIS – Partnership with ArcGIS provider Esri

Teamwire is now an EPN Bronze partner of Esri Deutschland GmbH (, the market-leading technology provider for location intelligence and geographic information systems (GIS). A central compo

The challenges with the chat of Microsoft Teams and its ideal complement

Microsoft Teams is a broadly used tool in enterprises. The Teams chat features are particularly important for the communication and collaboration of an organization. Especially for mobile workforces t

Messenger Netiquette: 12 rules for good communication and collaboration

We know from practice that messaging communication can sometimes be misleading due to the short text messages. The correct introduction of a tool is not the only criterion for success. That's why toda

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