Intuitive messaging

Everything you’re used to from private messengers like WhatsApp and more.

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Intuitive messaging

Real-time messaging

Simplify workflows, speed up processes, increase employee motivation and intensify collaboration thanks to real-time messaging. Teamwire makes it easy to follow internal news, access important information, and effectively move work forward. As a result, time spent on communication is reduced. Decisions can be made faster and overall productivity increases thanks to improved information sharing.

  • Real-time message delivery
  • Push notifications to all devices
  • Filter and search capabilities
Sicheres VoIP und Video Calls mit Teamwire

Effective collaboration

1:1 VoIP and video calls

When text and voice messages are no longer sufficient, 1:1 VoIP and video calls effectively supplement direct arrangements with live images and sound. Teamwire enables fast and automatic voice-to-image communication both within and outside the organization. This means that all communication is mapped in an easy-to-use app.

  • Can also be used without a telephone number
  • Available on all end devices
  • Encryption of all VoIP and video calls

Multi-device solution

Teamwire is a cross-platform solution, available as a native app for all operating systems from smartphones (iPhone, Android) to tablets (iPad, Android) and desktops (Windows, Mac and Linux) or as a web client.

Intuitive messaging

Group chats

Teams should be able to work on tasks and problems together quickly. Teamwire’s group chats provide an immediate and effective communication channel to resolve issues at any time. Teams can discuss important issues in real time and make an informed decision on an issue together – no matter where team members are.

  • Group chats with more than 2,000 members
  • For projects, departments, teams, deployments, and more.
  • Reduce meetings by 40%

Effective collaboration

Digital content sharing

Teamwire enables the sharing of digital content such as photos, videos, voice messages, locations and files. This helps accelerate information sharing across the organization, improve coordination and organization, capture ideas easily, and share knowledge quickly.

  • Easy-to-use user interface
  • Any files (e.g. PDFs, Office documents)
  • Access from all devices

Effective collaboration

Survey function

Sometimes it takes a history of several emails or phone calls to coordinate and confirm an appointment in a team. We can help you make the emails with the subject line “appointment reconciliation” die out. Teamwire’s survey feature makes it easy to implement appointment coordination or employee surveys. All chat members receive results directly in a transparent overview.

  • Fast survey creation
  • Easy distribution and answering
  • Automatic evaluation
The business messenger for every use case
All possibilities.
Countless advantages.
One app.
As simple as WhatsApp
maximum user-friendliness
Up to 70% more productivity
with decentralized team
Easy external communication
with customers & partners
Comprehensive administration
for full control & management
suitable for private end devices
Scalability & high availability
for up to 200.000 users
Personal customer service
in english language
Usable without phone number
quick and easy registration

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