The secure business messenger for successful teamwork.

Enable easy communication anytime, anywhere, on any occasion.

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Complete data protection with no compromises

We guarantee GDPR compliance and complete data sovereignty.

Get work done faster.

Connect your mobile workers and colleagues in the office, your partners and your customers from any mobile device.

The simplest and most intuitive user experience

Be equipped with business messaging features to communicate fast and collaborate successfully

Professional and central administration of Teamwire

Maintain sovereignty over the use of the app and configure all settings individually according to your communication guidelines.

Manage the entire company communication at one place

Maximum data protection and company-wide security policies based on high German and European standards (incl. GDPR).


Maintain full control over usage and access with an easy to use, secure and enterprise-ready administration dashboard.

Experience unlimited scalability and reliability, learn more about compliance and data management, get to know all hosting options, and extend your IT-ecosystem.


Communicate to thrive

Whether it’s about coordinating, initiating or bringing teams together, stay productive by collaborating.

Secure business messaging

The indispensable part of modern business communication.

Simplicity is the key to success

Deploy fast, integrate effortless, administrate comfortable.

The communication hub

Make boundless exchanges happen between non-desk and desk workers as well as external contacts.

Connect both communication worlds

Use one sovereign solution to unify internal and external communication purposes.

Designed holistically and customizable for individual team communication

Each industry has different usage scenarios. Enable a straightforward digital information exchange – and let your mobile workforce communicate the way they want.

Communicate universal across all institutions as well as within wards

Coordinate your medical teams and connect doctors and nurses to quickly handle emergencies and improve patient care.

Improve team communication universally and ensure compliance

Offer your workforce a WhatsApp alternative for secure business communication and easily manage the tool for the whole organization by your central IT.

Empowering the collaboration between mobile teams and the operations center

For the report of an accident, the communication between emergency personnel or the coordination of major operations, bring the team together and keep everyone up-to-date.

Securing and protecting the digital business communication

Simplify workflows and automate processes. Benefit from effectiveness in internal coordination and simplicity in external customer communication.

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Teamwire introduces function for emergency communication

Teamwire is a secure business messaging app for companies, government agencies and healthcare organizations. With a new emergency function for critical situations and emergencies, Teamwire can now accelerate the flow of information, improve employee protection and provide comprehensive support in crisis communications.


Self-Hosted Messengers and Chat Apps for Enterprises – Important Requirements

Enterprises often want to have full control of the data and thus the servers of the software which they use. This is important to ensure maximum data protection and security. Those enterprises require a self-hosted solution of a messenger or chat app, which can be deployed in a private cloud or the on-premise infrastructure of the business.


Complete Data Protection – No Compromises

As a result of the corona crisis, the need of enterprises and public authorities for digital communication solutions has increased significantly. Messaging apps, collaboration tools and video conferencing solutions are mainly required to enable effective collaboration even in the home office.


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