The Messenger for manufacturing & production

Strengthen and accelerate communication between production managers, engineers and employees.

Der Messenger für die Produktion unterstützt die Kommunikation von mobilen Mitarbeitern

No more information deficit – with the messenger for manufacturing & production straightforwardly share information in real time

From the project manager and production engineer, to the department manager and all production assistants – 100% networking of all employees in manufacturing and production for a smooth flow of communication.
Mit dem Messenger für die Produktion einen verbesserten Informationsaustausch generieren

Share all relevant project statuses securely and efficiently

  • Quick exchange and agreement across all employees
  • The arrangement of material requirements with procurement is carried out quickly and effectively via a video call
  • Arrangements and activities for process optimization can take place directly via chat
  • Materials such as machine assignment schedules, personnel planning, etc. can be transmitted to personnel in real time
  • Safe machine handling is ensured through regular communication of safety guidelines
  • All employees are always up to date with the latest information thanks to a central communication hub

Reasons for using a messenger in production enterprises

  • Cross-functional agreement of, for example, project management, production management and quality management
  • Real-time information distribution across production halls
  • Avoidance of shadow IT caused by commercial use of WhatsApp on mobile phones
  • Connect mobile employees without laptops to headquarters via mobile devices
  • Minimize security risks by sharing updated policies or notices with all personnel
  • Employee loyalty and team spirit through active engagement
  • Secure, external communication with e.g. suppliers and consultants
Warum macht es Sinn in der Produktion einen Messenger zu nutzen?
Teamwire Business Messaging App

Build a secure communications network for mobile workers to prevent shadow IT

Project and production managers are rarely only at their PCs, but are also on the move a lot within the production halls and facilities. An exchange on the PC is good, but a mobile communication via a mobile device is even better. To guarantee security in communication, a messenger for manufacturing & production offers the highest security measures so that agreement and coordination of projects can be controlled at any time.

Data protection – for project managers at central office and mobile production employees in manufacturing & production likewise

Teamwire is a GDPR-compliant messenger and fully meets all requirements of the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Teamwire protects personal data comprehensively, is legally compliant, and gives customers absolute data sovereignty.

Teamwire Business Messaging App

The messenger for manufacturing & production – equipped with a variety of features for corresponding application areas and still easy to use for all employees

Integrate your own PPS system through third-party-integrations

Integrate your production planning software into the messenger, giving your employees easy access to relevant data and information. With the ability to access information quickly and easily, you can simplify communication and avoid time-consuming paperwork.

Distribution of confidential, production-relevant data and information

In order to collaborate effectively within a project team and to manage important projects such as the procurement of new production lines or the processing of large orders, confidential and production-relevant data and information must also be shared with the entire team. To ensure the security of the data within the communication tool as well as on the end devices, Teamwire offers secure containers as well as comprehensive privacy, security and compliance policies.

Teamwire Business Messaging App
A targeted communication through group chats

With Teamwire, you can manage your communication in a targeted manner. By creating group chats, you are able to create a focused communication environment – whether it is site-, area-, department- or function-specific. With group chats, you can reach the right project team members from manufacturing and production.

High fluctuation, shift and temporary work – Retaining employees despite challenges

One-sided communication, starting from the management level, can lead to dissatisfaction by production employees due to a lack of engagement. They feel excluded and, in the worst case, are prone to leave the company. A messenger promotes a sense of belonging, since all employees are involved in the communication and can react to messages and give feedback.

Teamwire als Unternehmenskommunikationslösung
Immediately distribute security-relevant updates within the company

Poor accessibility applies to much safety-related information. The information is documented on paper and stored in folders. It is not immediately accessible, let alone easy to find. To reduce the risk of accidents in manufacturing and production in the long term, updated guidelines and safety information must be distributed immediately to production employees via messenger.

Teamwire Business Messaging App
Replace outdated communication channels for shift coordination

For optimal staff coordination, the shift schedule can be distributed to the entire workforce via Teamwire messenger and can be visually highlighted. Unlike outdated channels such as the bulletin board or a company newsletter, the response feature shows which employees have received and properly comprehended the message. Short-term changes to schedules are communicated immediately, reducing absence and ensuring production goes ahead as planned.

Emergency Recovery Plan
Immediate response to employee accidents and machine breakdowns

In the event of a machine failure or defect, an alert can be triggered via Teamwire. An emergency button can also be pressed in the app in the event of serious accidents – for example, an employee accident. Even in the case of fires, all employees can be informed as quickly as possible via an alert and brought to safety. An alert is visually highlighted and is identified by a special ringtone to call for help within seconds.

Sicheres Business Messag
Avoid mistakes and communicate difficulties immediately through effective communication

Quality problems, material bottlenecks and problems with orders can be communicated in real time and resolved as quickly as possible. Managers are in constant exchange with employees and can obtain immediate feedback. This optimizes operations and work processes and increases efficiency.

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Teamwire Business Messaging App
Close communication gaps thanks to status messages

The goal of status messaging is to activate and drive team collaboration across the entire workforce – from mobile workers to desk workers – and enable optimal interaction.


Teamwire kollaboratives Messaging
The right digital solution for your internal communication

Good communication stands and falls with the right communication solution. But not every tool is equally suitable. When selecting a suitable communication solution, it is important to consider certain criteria.


Funktion für die Notfallkommunikation mit Teamwire
Emergency communication function

With a special emergency function, you speed up the flow of information in critical and responsive situations and emergencies, improve the protection of employees, and provide overall support for your entire crisis communication in an comprehensive manner.