The messenger made for the entire tourism industry

For hotel employees, flight crew or tour operators – a well-rounded messenger communication about the entire tourism industry.

A smartphone in your hand –
always be in the loop

It has never been easier to communicate with all of your staff as well as with customers in real time. What you need: Mobile devices and a messenger specifically made for the tourism industry.
Der Teamwire Hotel Messenger
Hotel Messenger

Quickly coordinate with the hotel’s internal team, call up schedules, and use the messenger as a bulletin board. Chat across the hotel chain locally and globally. Adding guest access for e.g. suppliers and summer entertainers facilitates all external communication.

Der Teamwire Flugpersonal Messenger
Flight crew messenger

Flight attendants and pilots are constantly on the job. Network all flight personnel via messenger so that flight personnel from different planes can still exchange information. And link your messenger to airport personnel and catering suppliers, too. Share current and safety-relevant information directly from the control center and alarm your staff immediately about emergency situations and safety gaps.

Messenger for tour operators

Exchange information efficiently with all operators for the best planning and organization. Additionally, offer all customers a personal help desk in text and voice message format, query locations when travellers have drifted away from the tour group, and share pictures and videos of meeting points.

A messenger for the overall tourism industry means higher customer satisfaction

The greatest success, achieved through a messenger:
Making mobile workforce reachable & enabling a quick exchange with customers.

The advantages of a messenger for the tourism industry are clear

Internal communication with colleagues

  • Real-time networking of all employees – mobile & in the office
  • Efficient coordination of staff
  • Smooth internal processes
  • Immediate distribution of important information (e.g. schedules, crisis)
  • Fast coordination between airport and airline staff

External communication with customers and partners

  • Digital, personalized travel advice before, during & after the vacation
  • Real-time interaction & information sharing on updates (departure times, catering, etc.)
Der Teamwire Messenger für die Tourismusbranche
Teamwire Business Messaging App

Data protection – a must for secure messaging

Teamwire is a GDPR-compliant messenger and fully meets all requirements of the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Teamwire protects personal data comprehensively, is legally compliant, and gives customers absolute data sovereignty.

Thanks to numerous practical examples, we have managed to implement the most important functions for a messenger in the tourism industry

  • Teamwire Föderation Blogbeitrag
    Linking the company’s own autonomous organization with external service providers
    The airport offers the best example from the cooperation between the airport staff and airline representatives. Most of the current communication is done via digital radio and telephone. Time for a mobile solution that can be implemented on mobile devices. Furthermore, the communication via messenger allows for smooth cooperation and agreement with the catering service.
  • Secure and reliable communication standard with Teamwire
    An alert push notification to quickly coordinate emergencies
    Whether you are a security area of an airline or a tour operator taking care of the safe transport from the airport to the vacation accommodation – with Teamwire you can alarm the appropriate staff in extreme situations. With Teamwire’s alarming function, relevant activities can be coordinated and an exchange can take place in real time.
  • Share your current location with colleagues at central office
    As a tour operator, communicate with the assigned tour guide and keep a real-time overview of day trips and tours so that the entire trip runs smoothly and times are kept.
  • Teamwire kollaboratives Messaging
    Task-focused communication via group chats
    Ensure smooth processes by creating group-specific chats and focusing your information exchange on task areas. Within the group chats, you’ll always have an overview, can easily distinguish between task areas and departments, and won’t be flooded with information that is irrelevant to you.
  • Teamwire Business Messaging App
    Messenger customer service
    Enable direct exchange between your customer service (Teamwire) and customers (WhatsApp) via a WhatsApp for Business API interface. You can run all customer communication from booking to feedback via messenger communication. This allows you to effectively handle all communication incl. customer service, inquiry for offer, travel on-site consultation as well as recession talks with a single communication solution.
  • Live-Chat für Kundenservice
    Live communication between customer service and customer
    Customer service communication is greatly simplified and accelerated by integrating a live chat into Teamwire. The chat widget can be integrated on the website and offers the customer an effective contact option. Customer service is informed about incoming messages in real time within the Teamwire app and can deal with the customer’s request within seconds.
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