Retrieve data and information properly

Connect any type of third-party software and services to Teamwire.

Easy access to data in industry leading software

Accelerate workflows and automate processes via chatbots.
Customized third-party system integrations through Open API

Drive process automation via open API interfaces

Tools for every purpose and connection of every tool

Totally free choice of IT-ecosystem integrations – whether it’s a third-party software or an in-house development

Increase your productivity through automated communication

For every need, for every usage, for every location.

Document management - file exchange
Share files in Microsoft Office and PDF formats
Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
Directly query and exchange data and files from your customer data base
Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
Easy access of resource planning simplifies the coordination
Hospital Information System (HIS)
Electronic health records (eHR) and most important patient data directly available and shareable

Everything available in one place

Automated workflows in Teamwire for even greater efficiency and employee satisfaction.

Project Management Tools
Instant updates of project changes and easy queries of project status
IT Helpdesk
Always keep an eye on the status of customer tickets
Human Resources Tools
Regularly get informed on important HR and finance topics
Business Intelligence Software
Direct analytics queries made easy
Teamwire Business Messaging App

The most secure connector for your chatbots

Use Teamwire as your front-end solution for chatbots and conversational AI agents. Teamwire can control automated exchanges in both internal and external communications.

External communication

Switch between live agents and chatbots during customer service conversations – everything within the Teamwire interface.

Chatbot scenarios for customer service interactions:

  • Reset password
  • FAQ Queries
  • Query order status
  • Make bookings (hotel, flight, travel, etc.)
  • Create support tickets
Chatbot unterstützt den Kundenservice
Kollaboration über Bots in Teamwire

Internal communication

Use RPA-based workflows and implement them effectively through Conversational AI agents.

Chatbot scenarios for employee interactions:

  • Create support tickets
  • Queries of project management statuses
  • Sending of payrolls
  • Automatic notification of new intranet content
  • Password exchange
  • Two-factor authentication
  • Forwarding of encrypted e-mails

Benefits of automated communication

24/7 availability
Fast and location-independent queries as well as updates of information
The information provided by the chatbot will be kept in Teamwire for future reference
Blog article

Use cases and benefits of chatbots

Learn more about running chatbots in Teamwire

Der Teamwire Messenger als Multi-Device Plattform

Multi-Device Management makes every conversation possible independent of locations

Accessible from any device and location – smartphone, desktop, web client and chat widget. Let your chatbot interact directly with the customer. And switch to a live agent if necessary.