Teamwire – the most secure front-end solution for Chatbots in enterprises

In today’s communication universe, Chatbots are user interfaces (UI) which allow humans to interact with digital systems automatically either through spoken word or unscripted text messages.

Teamwire, Jun 25 2020

In the past, interactions were based on strict rule-based and pre-programmed conversational structures. Chatbots are able to engage, but cannot lead a multi-turn conversation with end users. In the meantime, advanced Conversational AI agents are conquering the field of automated communication for both internal and external exchange purposes. Conversational AI agents are capable of complex user intents through Natural Language Understanding (NLU) to answer on nearly every request, which is related to the Conversational AI agent’s purpose.


Chatbots and Conversational AI agents are spreading more and more


The focus of a Chatbot or Conversational AI agent is to support customers and/ or employees to interact efficiently in cost and time, while creating a satisfying customer experience in customer service provoked by an intuitive user interface 24/7. On top, Third Party Integrations facilitate automated work processes so that users can access data and/ or repetitive tasks easily through the bot interface.


Every Chatbot or Conversational AI agent needs an appropriate front-end solution for messaging or talking to.


At this stage, Teamwire takes over the stage. Particularly for enterprise-focused “digital colleagues” Teamwire serves as the most secure messaging app working on any device. End users make use of Teamwire as messaging solution to stay in touch with colleagues and get or rather access and share all relevant data from Third party tools anywhere, at any time.


Use Cases


Chatbots or Conversational AI agents can generally be used for numerous purposes and limitless integrations. Teamwire allows to connect with any Chatbot for any 3rd party software and services. These software and services, whether platforms or point solutions, can be industry- and/ or branch-specific. Most common service use cases are based on the following software tools and platforms:


Internal Communication

Enterprise Software:
– Customer relationship management systems (CRM)
– Enterprise resource planning systems (ERP)
– IT Service Management and Monitoring systems (ITSM)
– Supply chain management and logistics systems (SCM)
– HR systems
– KIS systems


Employee Service:
– Support and Ticketing software
– Intranet and Knowledge tools
– Project management tools
– Employee engagement platforms


External Communication
Customer Service and Care:
– Support and Ticketing software
– Live Agent software


– Business Intelligence (BI) such as Microsoft Power BI


Basically, two major scenarios derive from a Chatbot or rather Conversational AI agent utilization deployed in Teamwire:


1.Information and Research

An employee or end customer is requesting information on a particular topic. The user opens the Chatbot application in Teamwire and sends a text message as the major intent. The Chatbot replies with a scripted quick reply message.


Depending on the advanced stage of a Conversational AI agent, employees and end customers could also ask complete questions, such as “in which color is the product available?”, “what is the status of production plant 3?”, “what flights are available to London on Monday?” or “how much revenue did we make last week?”, etc., and will receive a fully automated answer. Through a combination of checklists and selection options, Chatbots serve as an interactive advisors for employees and end-customers.


2. Reports, News and Alerts

Chatbots can automatically send reports and news to employees and customers. For example, a chatbot can send the sales team an up-to-date report from the CRM system about new accounts and closed deals every week. Similar reports via chatbots to selected employees are, of course, also possible for ERP or accounting systems.


Another use case for reports by chatbots would be the daily delivery of the meal plan from the canteen, or an automatic message with the weather forecast before going on a business trip.


Automated reports are also very good for news. For example, if news about a company or specific topic are found, a news bot could automatically send links to those articles to interested employees. In a likely manner, if there are new posts or updates on the intranet, all employees could be automatically notified by an intranet bot. Similar use cases for news are also conceivable for any social media channel and all websites.


An important use case of automated information through chatbots are alerts. In the case of an urgent support request, an employee could be informed immediately by a chatbot about the new ticket. In the event of a malfunction of a manufacturing plant or an IT system, a chatbot could immediately send an alert to the responsible employees.


Reports can also be combined with approval processes. For example, once an employee has made her travel expense bill, this report could be automatically sent to the responsible manager for approval. The manager can then approve the travel expenses directly via the chatbot with a simple “Ok” command.


Advantages of Chatbots for Employees:


– Employees can use the chatbot to retrieve information directly in Teamwire at any time and from anywhere. This is often easier and faster than switching to other apps, tools and services.


– Often chatbots help to relieve other employees, who would otherwise have to provide the information manually. As a result resources can be saved or used better.


– The information and reports provided by chatbots are kept in Teamwire for later reading/finding.


– The information and reports from chatbots can be easily and directly forwarded to other employees in Teamwire.


Benefits of Chatbots for Enterprises:


– The development costs of a chatbot are significantly lower compared to an individual app.


– An easy technical realization is possible with the API and associated SDK of Teamwire.


– The enterprise has full access control, which employees are allowed to use a chatbot and access confidential data.


– Integrating a chatbot into Teamwire ensures high security, strong privacy and full compliance.


– In addition, logging of information retrieval and chatbot activity is possible (e.g. by archiving the messages).


If you want to know more about Teamwire and would like to understand, how your enterprise could benefit from chatbots, please contact us.