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The Microsoft Teams alternative

The best-known and probably most widely used collaboration tool is packed with innovative features. But GDPR compliance is crumbling. Time to look for a Microsoft Teams alternative.

The Teamwire business messaging app for team work

The Microsoft Teams alternative for fast and secure cross-company communication


With our data protection and data security concept, we ensure absolute GDPR compliance, offer you the best possible data sovereignty, and meet all compliance requirements for the telecommunications sector.

Cloud or Self-Hosting

With a server location based in Germany, we ensure the secure cloud alternative for cloud-based work. In case of demand for Microsoft Teams on-premise, we offer the option of self-hosting deployment on your own server.

Easy to use

The simpler the handling of the interface, the higher the user acceptance. We strive for ease of use for all users – office colleagues and mobile employees – despite all the complexity of certain work steps and processes.

Open API

The automation of collaborative work processes is constantly being accelerated. With the help of open APIs, third-party tools and systems can be directly linked and integrated. As the range of functions increases, so does the productivity of employees.

Why rely on a Microsoft Teams alternative?

The main requirement is security

Many requirements can be placed on a collaboration tool. When it comes to secure communication, it is advisable to use a GDPR-compliant business messenger.
Teamwire - der sichere Business Messenger

Avoid CLOUD Act access through US companies

The CLOUD Act allows US authorities to access data from US IT companies and cloud providers. In the case of Microsoft Teams, the tool itself is GDPR-compliant, but access to the data stored in the data center cannot be completely prevented.

The Microsoft Teams alternative for all common communication channels

MS Teams is known for the platform concept that couples chat, video calling, notes and attachments. In conjunction with the Microsoft Office 365 suite, it even enables parallel work in Office documents, which benefits project teams in particular. If cross-company communication comes to the fore, an employee app should be provided for all employee communication.

Teamwire für
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Which digital solution is suitable for your internal communication?

Learn which communication solution is the right choice for your internal communication.

Eine Chat App erfüllt alle Kommunikationsstandards und mehr

A chat app meets all communication standards and more

To successfully enable and connect all employees through one app, a business chat app delivers more than just text and voice messaging communication. Attention messages, video calls, push-to-talk and polls are elementary business functions that turn Teamwire into a collaborative communication hub. Synchronous on all linked devices (smartphone, tablet, desktop and web client).

Rights and user management like Microsoft Teams

The sovereignty over both a collaboration tool and a business messenger is incumbent on the assigned (IT) administrator, not the user. Teamwire manages data protection, users and functions centrally via the Teamwire Dashboard in a straightforward manner and with just a few clicks, to which only the administrator has access.

Rechte- und Benutzerverwaltung bei Teamwire

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Teamwire kollaboratives Messaging
Which digital solution is suitable for your internal communication?

We will show you which communication solution is the right choice for your internal communication based on three application scenarios.


Secure. Simple. High-performing.

The secure business messenger for successful team communication.