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The WhatsApp alternative for your business

Offer a legally compliant basis for communication in your company with the secure WhatsApp alternative.

Business Funktionen

The WhatsApp alternative for successful and collaborative work across departments

Intuitive Nutzung
Intuitive Usability

Meet all user needs, gain benefits from intuitive features and achieve continuous use of the app through positive experiences.

Teamwire verfügt über relevante Business-Funktionen
Relevant business features

Generate added value – What counts is a fast tool with all important features for a broad usage by employees and teams.

Sicherheit durch eine WhatsApp Alternative

We guarantee highest security standards for your communication and data, give you absolute data sovereignty and meet all compliance requirements.

Teamwire Communication Hub
Teamwire communication hub

Teamwire even helps you to conduct the communication with external contacts quickly, easily and confidentially.

Effortlessly communicate with any business contact without WhatsApp

We enable a productive and secure team collaboration with the Teamwire communication hub.
Teamwire Business Messaging App

Avoid shadow IT in your team communication

We are the right alternative for WhatsApp, and offer you much more than just a secure messaging app for corporate communications.

We connect your entire workforce

Newer tools, like Microsoft Teams and Slack, are explicitly designed for desk workers. With Teamwire you also empower your mobile workers and connect external partners and customers in a holistic communication.

Teamwire Business Messaging App
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What is Unified Communication & Collaboration and which solution suits your team?

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Teamwire Business Messaging App

Security and data protection are the fundament of our platform

The enterprise communication must take place with absolute data sovereignty. This includes: Data protection, security, compliance, data management and data superiority.

We connect you with external partners and customers in one environment

Especially in the communication with external partners and customers messaging in real-time can be important. Teamwire serves as a communication hub for fast and secure exchange with external parties – either via guest access, general activation by IT, chat widgets on the website or a WhatsApp business connection.

Market insights & Thought leadership

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Interne Kommunikation – Was ist UC & C?
Internal Communication – What does UC & C?

Every company needs good communication for successful collaboration between colleagues, partners and end customers in order to implement projects consistently, increase productivity and achieve new economic success. But what are the parameters that create good communication? And what influence does the factor security have?


15 Anforderungen an eine Business Messaging App
15 Requirements for a Business Messaging App

You might think that a messenger has reached the level of maturity in the product life cycle. Interestingly enough, this is also the case in private use.


Teamwire Dashboard 2.0
Teamwire Dashboard 2.0

Today Teamwire is releasing the version 2.0 of the administrator Dashboard. During the last 12 months we have completely rebuilt the Dashboard from scratch, in order to improve usability, increase performance and add even more administration features.


Secure. Simple. High-performing.

The secure business messenger for successful team communication.