Maximum security made in Germany

Data protection & data security of highest standards – with full transparency and without compromise.

A GDPR-compliant messenger for your data privacy and security

Maximum data sovereignty

Customers determine:

  • which data is accessed
  • where data is stored
  • how long data is stored
  • if stored data gets removed from the servers and end devices automatically at regular interval
  • if data gets archived
  • how data is exchanged on the basis of organization-wide policies
Principles of data economy and data reduction
  • Teamwire only accesses data, if it is required for the provisioning of its service
  • Data that is not required anymore or older gets automatically deleted
  • Personal data is only accessed, if absolutely necessary for security or administration reasons
  • Teamwire uses only as little meta data as possible and does not store personal address books
The protection of privacy is a key priority
  • Teamwire transfers and stores all data encrypted – both on the end devices and on the servers
  • No analysis of metadata, user profiles or of the communication behavior
  • Multiple authentication via email address and phone number
  • Personal data (IDs, phone numbers, email addresses, etc.) gets encrypted and if possible anonymized
For every IT business strategy the right solution
  • Last external security audit: summer 2021
  • German cloud, private cloud or on-premise
  • ISO-27001 certified data centers
  • comprehensive network protection through solid firewalls with continuous monitoring (24/7)
  • Pinned certificates and protected APIs
  • Internal and external audits including penetration tests and vulnerability analyses
  • Scalable and highly available through redundant cluster setups
  • Continuous safeguarding and automated backups
We ensure full data protection
  • Data storage in Germany
  • Completely GDPR-compliant – German and European data protection law and German company
  • Teamwire processes data solely with the customer’s express consent and in accordance with data protection requirements of GDPR-compliant messenger
  • No data sharing with third-party systems without approval
  • Privacy by Default – strong data protection settings as standard
  • Regular deletion of data from the servers based on customer requirements
Teamwire verfügt über relevante Business-Funktionen
Complete encryption – perfect for businesses

Teamwire is based on three separate layers of encryption in transmission and encrypted storage on end devices and servers:

  • Transport encryption for transmission between apps and server
  • Additional metadata and packet encryption per end device
  • End-to-end message encryption from sender to recipient
  • Encrypted app container for storing data on the end device
  • Encrypted storage of all data on the servers
100% on the safe side
The most necessary security settings for a messenger for organisations
  • All relevant security topics
  • Functionalities that a messenger should provide
  • Legal requirements that must be observed
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    Legally compliant messaging based on GDPR

    Teamwire is a GDPR-compliant messenger for companies, government agencies and the healthcare sector. Teamwire protect personal data comprehensively and fully complies with all requirements of the European Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

    The government messaging app for public authorities and government institutions

    Government, public sector and public authorities

    Get to know the most important security requirements for a government and public services messenger

    Integrating Teamwire into the mobile device and unified endpoint management

    Comprehensive security requirements for digital communications and all mobile devices, content and apps are standard for larger organizations. Teamwire offers a secure GDPR-compliant Messenger App that easily implements your mobile security structures, data protection standards and compliance requirements.

    Teamwire’s secure container and connection to MDM/EMM/UEM for even more security

    Decommission lost mobile devices and delete confidential enterprise data
    • Full and transparent access management for all devices
    • Easy remote deletion of company data on a device possible
    • Direct blocking and shutdown of the app on a terminal device possible
    Mobile application management for company-wide compliance
    • Encrypted app container
    • Fully controllable data access and extensive security policies
    • Enforceable communication policies
    • Possible request of app security code
    • Possible deactivation of copy & paste and “open in” functions
    • Possible restrictions for sharing of documents, photos, locations, etc.
    • Configurable duration for the storage and retention of data
    Fast deployment and fully automated roll-out
    • Central control via administration console
    • Pre-configuration of app
    • Distribution via enterprise app store
    • Automated registration and single sign-on options for users
    Secure connection to corporate network and data center
    • Secure tunneling (VPN) to the corporate infrastructure
    • Deposit of security tokens for individual end device authorization
    • Prevention of access from unmanaged devices

    Trusted security partners for secure enterprise communication

    We support market-leading MDM/EMM/UEM vendors and the AppConfig standard and have successful partnerships.

    Laws and Regulations
    Teamwire is compliant with these laws and regulations:





    Europäische Datenschutz- Grundverordnung






    e-Privacy Verordnung

    Directives and Norms
    Teamwire follows these directives and norms:


    IT-Grundschutz Cloud
    Computing (C5) Kryptografische Verfahren


    ISO Zertifizierungen

    DIN ISO/IEC 27001
    DIN EN ISO 9001

    International Standards
    Teamwire follows these international standards:
    Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX)


    Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX)



    Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act


    Markets in Financial Instruments Directive II



    Data Security and Protection Toolkit (DSP)

    pci security standards


    Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard