The secure messenger for military and defense

A secure messenger communication for classified official messages

Der Messenger für Militär und Verteidigung für den sicheren Austausch

When secure exchange must also be maintained in non-operational communication

The number of military information and communication technologies such as digital radios or tap-proof data lines for operational missions is immense to guarantee the best possible communication security for soldiers in missions and to prevent espionage in the first place. Professionally coordinated operational communications allow missions to run successfully and protect soldiers from escalations and/or states of emergency.


However, not only protected and secure communications for operational missions must be guaranteed, but also exchanges between soldiers outside operational missions at “internal” and “confidential” communication levels.

Implementing digital service communications without shadow IT

Even in the military and defense environment, the use of mobile devices for communicative exchange has become standard. And in this context, the use of communication apps, also known as instant messengers.

Communicating via, for example, consumer apps such as WhatsApp allows shadow IT to easily access personal and confidential communications with even the smallest of hacker attacks. Loopholes that must be avoided for highly secure institutions such as the military and defense.

Teamwire Business Messaging App
Das deutsche und schweizerische Militär macht es vor – Zeit nachzurüsten

The German and Swiss military are setting an example – time to upgrade

The Bundeswehr Messenger:
The Cyber Innovation Hub of the Bundeswehr (CIHBw) and the innovation unit of BWI are currently developing the BwMessenger for secure and uniform messaging. “Communicate official in the way you are used to in private” is the guiding principle of the development, which is based on the open source protocol Matrix.


The Swiss Army Messenger:
After an overarching WhatsApp, Signal and Telegram ban was imposed on all army personnel, the Swiss Army has been relying on a swiss consumer solution since January 2022 to avoid being subject to the “Cloud Act” imposed on American companies. The messaging service thus serves as a communication platform during non-operational missions.

Teamwire, der sichere Out-of-the-Box Messenger für Militär und Verteidigung

The right choice for long-term success – Teamwire, the secure out-of-the-box messenger for military and defense

A messenger specialized to meet the requirements of institutions with increased security needs – secure, reliable, simple to use and ready for immediate deployment.
Teamwire Business Messaging App

Data privacy, data security and full data sovereignty – because force protection is a top priority

Data protection and data security play a crucial role, especially in the military’s official communications and in defense institutions. All military officers are committed to the general security of a country’s citizens. The more secure, encrypted and compartmentalized the communication, the more successful the protection of confidential and personal data.

Secure on-duty messaging for all military and defense forces with all key features included

  • Share live locations with task forces
    Current locations can be shared live with army staff, commanders, chiefs of staff, field officers or the entire team directly in the chat history of a 1:1 or group chat.
  • One sender, multiple recipients
    A person authorized by the IT administrator – usually a management position higher up in the hierarchy – can create broadcast recipient lists and send read-only messages to selected people. Recipients receive the message – usually in 1:1 chat mode – and cannot reply to the message. For example, the army staff can issue an on-duty order to all staff chiefs and sergeants via the broadcast function.
  • Secure and reliable communication standard with Teamwire
    Managing official crisis communication via Teamwire
    Unexpected events can often occur during service missions. Whether it’s a truck mishap during a transport or a sports accident at a military training camp, alerts can be sent to appropriate commanders or sergeants via the emergency alarm push notification in Teamwire, depending on the severity of the crisis. Pictures and videos of damage can be shared via Teamwire, allowing for direct case handling in a crisis situation.
  • Teamwire Push-to-Talk Hero
    Direct voice exchange without walkie-talkie
    To limit the use of walkie talkies for operational missions, the push-to-talk function can be used to exchange audio messages for on-duty purposes via Teamwire Messenger. Thus, in non-operational incidents, it is sufficient for each officer to be equipped with a mobile device and communicate via Teamwire.
  • Teamwire Gruppen-Chats
    Mission-specific communication via group chats
    With Teamwire, you can define mission-specific group chats for operational locations and regions to reach all relevant forces simultaneously. Distribution lists (e.g. for commanders, chiefs of staff or sergeants) facilitate communication especially intended for large groups of up to 2,000 users. Read receipts show which forces have received and read the messages. This simplifies targeted and fast communication.
  • Ensuring absolute data sovereignty and security
    Teamwire meets all the highest security standards attributed to military and defense institutions. Strong encryption, tap-proof communications and a fail-safe system for permanent accessibility of all forces, even in crisis and emergency situations in a non-operational context. As a German company, Teamwire stands for strong German and European data protection.
  • Teamwire Föderation Blogbeitrag
    Networking multinational teams of military men and women
    Teamwire enables the networking of soldiers in different barracks in their own country, camps abroad or multinational teams – e.g. NATO. Very often, forces from autonomous institutions have to be connected in a communicative exchange to control and support missions in the best possible way. A comprehensive interoperable network makes it possible to connect independent institutions. The reliable scalability of Teamwire ensures a smooth chat exchange even with a large number of users.
  • Thumbnail Teamwire Case Study Bavarian Police
    Case study

    Bavarian police relies on Teamwire messenger

    The Bavarian police have been working with Teamwire since 2017. Learn how messaging optimizes emergency communications.

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    Live-Standort Funktion für das Teilen des Aufenthaltsorts in Echtzeit
    Share location in real time

    Users can easily share their current location with colleagues via chat using the live location feature. Colleagues are then able to track changes in location in real time.

    Checklist: Open-Source Messenger vs. Out-of-the-box

    As is typical in the SaaS market, you’ll find both open-source and out-of-the-box solutions in the messenger market for organizations with a high volume of security. Use the checklist to choose the right type of messenger for your organization.

    Teamwire im Gesundheitswesen
    Function for emergency communication

    With a special emergency function, you accelerate the flow of information in critical and responsive situations and emergencies, improve the protection of employees, and overall support your entire crisis communication in an all-encompassing manner.