Teamwire federation for limitless communication

The first business messenger to enable cross-organizational messenger communication with Teamwire federation while maintaining data sovereignty.

Teamwire Federation – Exchange across organizational boundaries and highest security in harmony

The limits in communication exchange

Companies and government agencies usually need to communicate with external organizations. Proprietary IT infrastructures aim to meet all security requirements and have the demand for maximum data sovereignty. Unfortunately, however, they also create limits in cross-company communication exchange.

Consumer apps are a good alternative – No!

When a limit is set, one is quick to want to use an alternative solution to simply work more efficiently. But commercial apps like WhatsApp, Signal and Telegram are not GDPR-compliant and do not guarantee security and administration standards. They allow a shadow IT to develop.

Enabling multi-server exchange with interoperability

Let autonomous organizations securely connect and communicate with each other. Use Teamwire Messenger to communicate via text and voice messages. Data such as images, videos and documents can also be transmitted quickly and easily.

Teamwire Federation –
Much more than a standard messenger feature

Teamwire Federation allows organizations and government agencies with standalone servers or infrastructures to securely interconnect through server-to-server communication.

The implementation of Teamwire Federation through Super Admin

On-Premise or Private Cloud

An organization’s super admin can activate Teamwire federation from both on-premise and private cloud deployments with a federation URL via the dashboard.

Public key exchange

A public key exchange between the two independent organizations allows the autonomous servers to be linked securely. The infrastructure (e.g. firewall) is enabled for the exchange with the external server.

User management

The super admin or IT administrator retains sovereignty over user management, which users and circles are federated and which are not.