New Live Location for Sharing Real-time Whereabouts

Live Location allows users to share their current location with colleagues in a chat and then automatically update their location in real time. Colleagues can then track movements or changes in the location of these users on a map in real-time.

Teamwire, May 16 2020

Last week we released new apps for all platforms. The main innovation in that release is the new Live Location feature of our secure enterprise messaging app. Basically Live Location enables users to share their location with colleagues in a chat and update it in real-time. Colleagues can then monitor the movement of these users on a map in real-time.


Solving the Real-time Location Problem for Enterprises


Teamwire provides the sharing of fixed locations already. These locations can actually be selected from a comprehensive location database or by dropping a pin on a map. This is great for giving directions, sharing temporary whereabouts and selecting meeting spots.


However, in business environments there are often use cases, where the positions of users change dynamically and a knowledge of real-time locations is of great importance for colleagues, co-workers and partners. That’s the problem we solve with the new Live Location feature.


Intuitive to Use and Easy to View


The Live Location is implemented in an intuitive way, that many users know from popular consumer messaging apps already. In a chat a user opens the menu for the digital content sharing and presses „Location“. In the „Location“ screen the user simply selects the new option „Share Live Location“ and chooses a duration for the real-time location sharing (15 minutes, 1 hour or 8 hours).


All chat members then receive a map, which shows the whereabouts of the user(s) in real-time. The map view also displays user IDs and profile avatars. Currently up to 50 chat members can share their Live Location simultaneously (Teamwire will increase that limit in future releases).


Real-time Location Sharing with Strong Privacy Protection


The privacy and security of the users are fully protected. Like all communications with Teamwire, the sending of real-time positions is fully encrypted. Besides, the Live Location is shared only with the members of a specific chat. If a user wishes to stop sharing her Live Location, she can do that at any time.


Relatively Low Battery Usage


The battery usage of Live Location sharing depends on the device and the network coverage. In average a user should expect, that sharing her/his Live Location for an hour will use around 10% of the battery power.


Focus Customers and Use Cases for the Live Location:


=> Blue light organizations (e.g. police, emergency services and fire brigade)
=> Healthcare organizations and hospitals
=> Security organizations and military
=> Enterprises in logistics, shipping and delivery services
=> Retail and wholesale businesses
=> Travel industry and public transport
=> Event and hospitality management


Contact Us for a Trial


If you would like to learn more about the Live Location or are interested in a trial of our secure enterprise messaging app, please contact us.

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