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MIMI with MLS – the new standard for interoperability of messaging apps?

A new standard called MIMI for the interoperability of instant messaging apps is currently on the way. The interoperability of messaging apps has been a topic of strong interest for years. MIMI focuse

Business messaging trends in 2023

As every year, we want to take a look into the crystal ball and present the changes and innovations we expect to see in the messenger and communication tools market in 2023. The business messaging mar

The challenges with the chat of Microsoft Teams and its ideal complement

Microsoft Teams is a broadly used tool in enterprises. The Teams chat features are particularly important for the communication and collaboration of an organization. Especially for mobile workforces t

Messenger Netiquette: 12 rules for good communication and collaboration

We know from practice that messaging communication can sometimes be misleading due to the short text messages. The correct introduction of a tool is not the only criterion for success. That's why toda

The fast-deploying Skype for Business alternative

What to do when the license of a communication solution expires and you need to look for an alternative? We have received many inquiries on this topic, so we are dedicating this blog article to the to

Employee app: Features that strengthen the team spirit

Hybrid work and “New Work” are increasingly shaping the work culture. What employee apps have to offer in terms of features to ensure better communication and collaboration in the entire team - wh

On-premise messenger for business and government – key requirements for IT

A trend towards data sovereignty can currently be seen: companies (again) want to have full control over their data, accordingly also control over the servers of the software used. This is important f

SEC examines WhatsApp use in banks – what financial institutions can do now

WhatsApp use in the bank? Investigators at the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) are questioning US banks about the extent to which they use consumer messenger for professional communication. T

Azure and AWS alternative for secure hosting of a business messenger

Why is there so much discussion about alternatives to AWS, Azure and others? And what role does this play when choosing a communications solution for your own organization? You can find out all the ba

Making communication from public authorities simply easier

For more than a year now, Teamwire has been in use at the city of Zirndorf. A municipality in Bavaria that relies on a mobile and digital communication solution. Find out how the use of a messenger ev

Inspiring to communicate

Teamwire is a holistic business communication solution with highest data security standards to connect non-desk, frontline, and offline employees for simple internal and external exchange purposes anywhere, anytime, in any event