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Zero Trust Model: How messenger and security intertwine

Crisis situations can be manifold these days. Whether it is the implementation of hybrid work caused by a global pandemic or the increasingly frequent cyberattacks on corporate IT infrastructures - al

When things get serious: A messenger for internal crisis communication

Crisis and emergency situations require quick reactions, clear information and concrete instructions. In this way, companies can not only reduce their employees' uncertainties, but also remain capable

gematik postpones TI-Messenger release until 2023

The final specifications for the TI-Messenger should have been published long ago. On February 18, 2022, the TI-Baseline 2022-1 was published. But the dates set in October 2021 for an official TI-Mess

Communication in healthcare: Business Messenger – helpful tool and lifesaver

Only if communication in the healthcare sector is fast, smooth and leak-free, optimum patient care can be ensured. Read the blog post to find out how a business messenger can be a helpful tool with a

TI-Messenger statement: Standard protocol acts as a barrier to innovation

With the Telematics Infrastructure Messenger, or TI-Messenger for short, gematik aims to create a new standard for secure, interoperable instant messaging in the German healthcare system. But what sou

“Open-source messenger vs. Out-of-the-box” (Part 2): Checklist for the right business messenger choice

Does it make sense to rely on a ready-made business messenger or to develop your own open-source messenger?

“Open Source Messenger vs. Out-of-the-box” (Part 1): What makes the difference in business messaging?

Similar to classic SaaS solutions, the business messenger market offers both out-of-the-box solutions such as Teamwire, which are ready for immediate use and are supported and continuously developed b

Business Messaging Trends 2022

The mission behind a business messenger is simple: simplify professional communication, make workflows more efficient, and reduce the workload of employees. The business messenger market never rests a

Which digital solution is suitable for your internal communication?

We will show you which communication solution is the right choice for your internal communication based on three application scenarios.

Secure WhatsApp Alternative for Enterprises and the Public Sector

Currently many large enterprises, small and medium businesses as well as the public sector look for a secure WhatsApp alternative (e.g. Teamwire) for their organization.

Inspiring to communicate

Teamwire is a holistic business communication solution with highest data security standards to connect non-desk, frontline, and offline employees for simple internal and external exchange purposes anywhere, anytime, in any event