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Secure Communication: Meet Our Experts in 2024

Secure communication is once again on everyone's lips in 2024 - especially since officers of the Bundeswehr discussed military strategies over an insecure connection. And numerous other authorities an

Messenger meets GIS – Partnership with ArcGIS provider Esri

Teamwire is now an EPN Bronze partner of Esri Deutschland GmbH (, the market-leading technology provider for location intelligence and geographic information systems (GIS). A central compo

Live location optimization: New functions for even more precise use

Live location transmission has been one of Teamwire's indispensable business features since May 2020. Since then, we have collected plenty of valuable feedback from users. And we've continued to expan

How messaging optimizes operations management in building yards

Always on the move: building yards are one of the most mobile departments in cities, municipalities and communities. The communicative networking of central operations coordination with operations man

The entire function range now united with VoIP and video call

With business messengers, text, picture and voice messages are part of the standard repertoire of possible communication formats. VoIP (Voice over IP or IP telephony) is also becoming more and more co

First interoperable business messenger

With Teamwire Federation, the market innovation in interoperability, autonomous organizations can be securely connected and communicate via Teamwire Messenger.

Teamwire API 16 Release

Teamwire will launch a new version of its namesake GDPR-compliant business messenger app. The API 16 release sets a new standard in federation and adds VoIP respectively Video Calling functionality.

The first implementation of push-to-talk in a messenger – completely without walkie-talkie

Being able to exchange information by means of voice messages in addition to text, images and videos not only makes communication faster, but also makes interpretation immensely easier. With Teamwire,

Bridge communication gaps by using attention messages

We announced it in our API 15 release as one of the most important new features in Teamwire for 2021: attention messages. We will illustrate how this idea came about, became established in our product

Teamwire API 15 Release

Teamwire has launched a new version of its same-brand GDPR-compliant business messaging app. The API 15 release of Teamwire offers improved password security and dashboard customizations, as well as a

Inspiring to communicate

Teamwire is a holistic business communication solution with highest data security standards to connect non-desk, frontline, and offline employees for simple internal and external exchange purposes anywhere, anytime, in any event