Teamwire API 16 Release

Teamwire will launch a new version of its namesake GDPR-compliant business messenger app. The API 16 release sets a new standard in federation and adds VoIP respectively Video Calling functionality.

Teamwire, Sep 02 2021

Teamwire sets new messenger standards with Teamwire Federation


The API 16 release proves that Teamwire is much more than a secure business messenger. In a long development and implementation process, the Teamwire developer team has created the first implementation in the area of interoperability. Teamwire Federation enables inter-server communication, so that different clients from different servers can be linked together. The impact is less important for the user experience or the user interface. Much more crucial is the new technological standard for IT administrators who, after appropriate implementation steps, can guarantee multi-client capabilities to their users. Teamwire is the first messenger provider to implement an interoperable interface between different instances so that two independent systems can be linked together.



Further addition to Teamwire standard functions for smooth voice communication


Derived from the standard settings of consumer apps such as Signal, Telegram and WhatsApp, as well as video conferencing tools and unified communication and collaboration solutions such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams and GoToMeeting, Teamwire is including VoIP and video calling in its standard portfolio. In addition to text and voice messaging, VoIP has become a standardized demand item in daily work communication. Similar to video conferencing, video calling leads to a more authentic transmission of information, some of which is severely limited via text and voice messaging. In Teamwire’s case, VoIP and video calling cross-platform is offered for all mobile devices and for desktop applications. As with all other features, the administrator has the ability to set general and call-specific user permissions for VoIP via the Teamwire dashboard.


The backend release will be implemented in September. API 16 will be available in October for download to deploy via MDM (Mobile Device Management) as well as publicly in the App Stores (Android and Apple).



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