Messenger meets GIS – Partnership with ArcGIS provider Esri

Teamwire is now an EPN Bronze partner of Esri Deutschland GmbH (, the market-leading technology provider for location intelligence and geographic information systems (GIS). A central component of the partnership is the integration of ArcGIS into Teamwire, a geographic information solution for maps, spatial analysis, planning and decision-making. This allows Teamwire users to link their location with valuable geodata and enrich existing map material with individual information. In this way, mobile communication and real-time information exchange can be improved significantly.

Teamwire, Mar 01 2023
Teamwire partners with ArcGIS provider Esri and delivers better information for mobile workers and emergency services thanks to geodata


The geospatial information in ArcGIS is significantly more comprehensive than publicly available maps. For example, detailed maps of landscapes, but also of buildings such as industrial halls and stadiums are available. In addition, hidden systems such as tunnel route networks, underground systems and supply networks of critical infrastructures can also be displayed. ArcGIS is also independent of providers such as Google or Apple.


Commenting on the partnership, Esri’s Michael Mundt Senior Business Development Manager said: “ArcGIS is already used in many police departments, criminal investigation departments, the technical relief organization and, for example, many fire brigades. Now the messenger also benefits from quality-assured, high-precision information about locations and a lot of important detailed information. All emergency services use the same digital twin: no misunderstandings!”



Comprehensive, customizable maps


In the business messaging app Teamwire, ArcGIS serves as the map basis, which not only allows you to share your own location with other users within your own organization or to have it tracked – keyword: live location. Rather, ArcGIS also allows you to compile individually suitable map material that meets the needs of the organization by using different layers, such as topography, tunnel system or similar. In addition, users in Teamwire can add their own information about specific locations or routes (points of interest) to the maps, thus creating even greater benefits for the entire organization. This is particularly advantageous for mobile workers and emergency services: members of an organization can not only share their location with each other in real time, but also record relevant information for other team members directly on the map material. This makes communication and work processes more effective and efficient. “The partnership with Esri is the next logical step for us to help shape the future of mobile communication and collaboration with the Teamwire messaging app,” explains Tobias Stepan, Managing Director of Teamwire GmbH. “What unites us with Esri is this desire to improve the work of organizations in various areas through modern and secure technology.”



Benefits for mobile workers and emergency services


In the everyday life of many industries, there are often use cases in which not only the real-time location for other team members, but also information about specific locations is of great importance. In the logistics industry, for example, it is a real gain in efficiency to be able to optimize route planning at short notice using live location data or to know where the goods are to be delivered on a spacious or secured company site. Solutions for disruptions or damage to the supply network can also be found more quickly for utility companies in the area of critical infrastructure: Thanks to the combination of the messaging app and geodata, the information is particularly comprehensive and all employees on site are able to access or enhance it directly. Emergency services from blue light organizations or security authorities, in turn, benefit from the precise and diverse location data in the context of operational coordination and mission communication. Such interesting use cases also exist in other sectors such as retail, healthcare and public authorities.



More application examples on request


Of course, this blog article is only a brief overview of the possible fields of application and some examples. Would you like more information about the integration of ArcGIS into Teamwire? Then please contact our sales team and arrange a consultation.