How the Bavarian police force is optimizing its digital mission communication

Real-time communication in police operations is indispensable for creating a uniform information situation and better coordinating operations. Why does the Bavarian police rely on our Business Messenger for this? We'll tell you.

Teamwire, Mar 09 2021
Success story


The task forces of the Bavarian police are constantly on the move. On the way from one operation to the next, they often have little time, making clear information, smooth communication and rapid coordination all the more important. This is where the weaknesses of digital radio often become apparent. This is because emergency forces can only describe people and objects verbally, which requires a lot of imagination and may lead to them assessing situations differently.


It is often difficult to make messenger use cases tangible and understand the demand for mobile workers in enterprises and government agencies. However, the goal of any instant messenger can be summed up simply: To make users securely reachable via a mobile device anytime, anywhere to ensure the best possible interaction through text, images and videos.


Our success story reflects how the Bavarian police have optimized their emergency communications with the help of our secure business messaging app and why Teamwire and digital radio form an unbeatable duo. With this report, you’ll find out how Teamwire plays to its strengths even in this highly relevant security industry, which is considered to be rather conservative. Here, the Bavarian police can certainly act as a role model for other security agencies.


In our success story you will learn:


1. Which initial situation made a messenger necessary,


2. What requirements the Bavarian Police had for a digital communication solution,


3. How the Bavarian Police achieved a high level of user acceptance, and


4. How the Messenger sustainably improves mission communication.

Bavarian Police Case Study

Download our Bavarian Police case study here free of charge – enjoy reading!



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