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What to do when the license of a communication solution expires and you need to look for an alternative? We have received many inquiries on this topic, so we are dedicating this blog article to the topic of Skype for Business Alternative.

Teamwire, Jan 18 2023

At the end of April, Microsoft announced the update that Skype for Business Online will end on July 31, 2021, and Skype for Business On-Premise will end in 2024. Microsoft resources – including MS Teams and Skype for Business Server – will be offered as an alternative. But is the Microsoft universe the right Skype for Business alternative?


Many companies and public authorities – whether large or small – are currently facing this question and are therefore looking for an alternative to Skype for Business.


Skype for Business is one of the most well-known platforms in the Unified Communications (UC) market. The focus of the interface is on the use of desktop-based business communication channels, such as instant messaging (IM), voice over IP (VoIP), file transfer and web conferencing.



Is Teamwire a suitable Skype for Business alternative?



Teamwire is a business messenger offering businesses, security authorities, public service organizations and healthcare institutions a full-featured, innovative and secure Skype for Business alternative that:


  • is suitable for businesses of all sizes,
  • offers the next level of technological evolution
  • provides a far greater range of functionality
  • meets even the most stringent privacy and security requirements; and
  • is very easy to roll out and administer.



These reasons speak for Teamwire as an alternative to Skype for Business:



1. The basis – VoIP and conference calls


Most companies mainly use the VoIP features of Skype for Business for online conferencing. Teamwire offers VoIP and video calls in all apps. These are suitable for 1:1 calls and group conferencing.



2. Not just instant messaging


Instant messaging is also used a lot with Skype for Business. Teamwire, of course, is also clearly built on instant messaging, so text messages are delivered in real time. However, Business Messenger builds on more than just typical text and voice messaging communication: large group chats, broadcasting, distribution lists, read receipts, alerting features, status messages for announcements and notes, quoting and forwarding features, … all of these are features that turn an instant messenger into a business messenger. Learn more about Teamwire’s business features.



3. All content for a digital workplace


As a standard, Teamwire offers photo and video sharing. Images can be edited in advance thanks to an image editing function. Teamwire also enables the exchange of files and documents. A poll function makes it easy to create and implement polls, for example. Locations can also be shared and live locations can be tracked. Learn more about Teamwire’s intuitive user experience.



4. Fully empower the mobile workforce


Communicating across the enterprise and connecting all employees at any time and from any location requires a cross-platform solution that is available across all mobile devices. Teamwire offers professional desktop apps as well as fast, easy-to-use and battery-saving apps for smartphones, which are primarily used by mobile workers.



5. Any hosting – in German clouds or on-premise


With Teamwire, the choice of hosting is suitable for all companies and IT infrastructures. Deployment is via a German cloud from a German premium data center. For companies and public authorities with even higher data protection and security requirements, highly scalable on-premise solutions and private clouds are feasible.



6. Full data sovereignty


Teamwire is the GDPR-compliant Skype for Business alternative and enables absolute data sovereignty for all enterprises and government agencies. With organization-wide security policies and an encrypted app container, data flows can be controlled, unauthorized access to data can be avoided, and retention policies can be defined. In addition, MDM/UEM solutions are fully supported, making mobile device administration much easier. Learn more about Teamwire’s security.



7. Professional administration


A professional administration interface allows Teamwire to be managed centrally and all users to be administered easily. In addition, the app can be comprehensively preconfigured for users. For larger companies, the multi-client capability and LDAP connections as well as archiving options are worth highlighting. Learn more about the Teamwire Dashboard.



8. Connections for any automation


Compared to Skype for Business, Teamwire offers the possibility to connect any third-party systems and software. Whether for digitalization projects, automating processes and workflows, third-party system and bot integrations increase efficiency in work processes and employee productivity. Learn more about third party system integrations.



As the eight reasons outlined show, Teamwire can be used in your company as a viable and innovative alternative to Skype for Business.



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