Business Continuity during the Corona Pandemic

The corona virus (COVID-19) pandemic is currently impacting everyone - families, friends, employees, customers and partners. The situation will continue to severely affect our private and business lives in the next couple of months.

Teamwire, Mar 18 2020

We wanted to give an update, what measures we have taken to support our customers, employees and partners in these difficult times.


In general, we have monitored the outbreak of the corona virus since the end of last year and have made plans and preparations to deal with the situation early on.


Ensuring Service Uptime for Customers


The most important thing for our customers is the uptime of our systems. As part of our ongoing business continuity and risk management program we have taken several measures to ensure the expected service levels of our secure enterprise messaging app.


Our data centers have not only enough capacity to fulfill the highest SLAs, but also to quickly scale the service in case of unexpected demand spikes.


Data center operations employees have been isolated from all other business areas and work in different groups that have no personal contact with each other. Our data centers can be administered remotely from any location.


Working Securely from Home Office


We often use cloud services ourselves. Therefore all of our employees can carry out their tasks regardless of the specific place of work. For access to internal systems from home employees have VPN connections.


Most of our employees are already working successfully from the home office. In the event of quarantine measures that may be necessary, we can maintain operations anytime. Besides, we took comprehensive measures to ensure security and data protection from the home office.


Protecting Our Employees


For all preventive measures, we closely follow the recommendations of the Robert Koch Institute. Our employees are regularly informed about these recommendations. In addition, we have some internal work guidelines that all employees need to follow.


In order to minimize the risk of infection, we have gradually reduced and now actually stopped all business trips. Personal contacts are to be avoided as far as possible. Until further notice, trips between our locations will not take place and all meetings will be held as video or telephone conferences.


Permanent Availability of All Teams


Our customer service works from different geographically separate locations, which can take on tasks for each other if necessary. As part of the work organization, we ensure that sufficient capacities are available to answer customer and support inquiries for our secure enterprise messaging app.


Overall, all our services are running fine 24X7, and our various teams are available and committed to providing the same always-on service you have come to value. We have had no interruptions of our service and we don’t expect any.


Quick On-Boarding of New Customers


Since many enterprises are currently searching for a secure messaging app to connect their remote workforce, the demand for Teamwire is high. Nevertheless in our cloud we can instantly provide our service to new customers and on-board their users.


Even for customers, who prefer on-premise solutions, we could deploy Teamwire together with our channel partners in a very short time frame.


Thanks to All Healthcare Workers


Our thoughts are with those people affected by the corona virus. We wish those who are ill a quick recovery. We also want to thank the whole healthcare community and system – especially doctors, nurses, caregivers and emergency services – for everything they do in these challenging times.


If you have any questions about the business continuity program of our secure enterprise messaging app, please contact us.