Product Highlights

More Alerting and Crisis Communication Features for Our Enterprise Messaging App

The advanced innovative alerting and crisis communication features are major enhancements to Teamwire for enterprises, covering use cases for critical events, crisis situations and emergencies.

The Teamwire Dash Button – Combining Enterprise Messaging and IoT

The internet of things (IoT) market is strongly growing and offers a variety of important uses cases in combination with our enterprise messaging app. Teamwire now allows to connect all kind of IoT buttons and even provides an own dash button for enterprises.

iPad iOS Version of Teamwire Available

Today Teamwire released version 3.5.0 of its iOS app. This new release of our secure enterprise messaging app provides now a dedicated iPad version.

Use Cases of Group Chats in an Enterprise Messaging App

The use of instant messaging apps in the enterprise continues to strongly grow. Some of the most prominent use cases are group chats.

Effective Alerting and Crisis Communication with Our Enterprise Messaging App

Teamwire releases innovative features for alerting and crisis communication for its enterprise messaging app.

Audit-Proof Archiving of the Communication via an Enterprise Messaging App

There are several legal requirements that oblige companies to archive business communications.

Release 3.0.0 for iOS – Leading Enterprise Messaging App for iPhone and iPad

Today we released the version 3.0.0 of Teamwire for iOS.

New Poll Feature for Easy Scheduling and Fast Surveys

In enterprises scheduling is often related to inefficient email exchanges that cost a lot of time. Surveys are normally difficult to do in enterprises, since no adequate tools exist and the collection and evaluation of the responses are time-consuming.

New Feature: Quick Start of Large Group Chats and Combinations of Groups

Last week Teamwire released updated versions for all platforms that included important new features

Teamwire Releases Managed Groups and Managed Chats

Teamwire today announced new Managed Groups and associated Managed Chats for its enterprise messaging app. These new groups enable enterprises to centrally manage, control and where necessary adapt chats to participants.

Inspiring to communicate

Teamwire is a holistic business communication solution with highest data security standards to connect non-desk, frontline, and offline employees for simple internal and external exchange purposes anywhere, anytime, in any event.