Teamwire API 15 Release

Teamwire has launched a new version of its same-brand GDPR-compliant business messaging app. The API 15 release of Teamwire offers improved password security and dashboard customizations, as well as a completely new feature, attention messages.

Teamwire, Mar 01 2021
Teamwire provides new collaboration opportunities in teamwork with attention messages


With the API15 release, Teamwire celebrates a new feature: Attention Messages. They allow users to create three different message types – alerts (red), announcements (green) and notes (yellow). Thanks to the color coding, users can better prioritize chat messages and collaborate in a more targeted way.


“Attention messages are a natural evolution of the alert messages we originally developed for regulated industries,” explains Javier Rayón Encinas, Head of Product Management at Teamwire. “The positive feedback we have received from users has encouraged us to continue expanding this feature. We are convinced that users will be able to make their team communications even clearer and more efficient.” Attention messages can be easily created in the chat via the attachments menu and open up different response options for chat members. While alerts (red) can either be acknowledged with OK or answered with SOS for help, announcements (green) and notes (yellow) offer a selection of emoticons, including a thumbs-up. Using a report, senders of a message can directly view the collected reactions and guide further communication accordingly. “In the case of an alert, for example, it may make sense to open an additional chat with those members who need help,” explains Javier Rayón Encinas. “In the case of a note, on the other hand, it can be a good idea to create a separate chat with the participants who have a great interest, for example, to brainstorm on the topic. This takes team collaboration to a new level.”


Improved security through advanced password settings


In addition, the API 15 release includes new password policies that allow IT administrators to optimize password rules for users to close any security gaps. For example, they can specify a minimum length and certain criteria, such as the number of symbols, numbers or letters. IT administrators can also set a time limit on the validity of a password and define the maximum number of failed login attempts. Once this is reached, both the administrator and the user automatically receive an e-mail. Only after approval by the administrator can the user log in again. “All these settings can be made with just a few clicks in the dashboard,” explains Javier Rayón Encinas. “For us, maximum security and ease of use go hand in hand.”


Functional modifications for optimized use cases and user experiences


The API 15 release also increases the maximum chat size to 2,500 participants. “With this, we are implementing a requirement that is mainly requested by security agencies, but is also interesting for companies that want to quickly inform a large number of employees,” says Javier Rayón Encinas. In addition, Teamwire has optimized some existing functionalities in the new version, including resolution imagery and video compression. Last but not least, the API 15 release includes a Teamwire onboarding bot. This serves as an aid to help users find their way around the Teamwire interface more quickly and to familiarize themselves with it.


The backend release has already been implemented. API 15 will be available for download from calendar week 11 for use via MDM (Mobile Device Management) as well as publicly in the App Stores (Android and Apple).



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