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Simplicity is the key to success

Deploy fast, integrate effortless, administrate comfortably.

Solutions Roll-Out & Administration

A scalable and secure architecture for all infrastructures and operations

Hosting and Infrastructure

An important security topic is the selection of the right hosting.

Unified Endpoint Management

Even in larger companies and complexity, you keep full control over your data and transparency over the access to messages and files.

Third-party system integration

From a simple chat app to a messaging platform to boost productivity.


Central administration, strong security and comprehensive compliance are an important requirement for all companies.

Stay agile – Teamwire is designed for small businesses up to large and sophisticated organizations

Every company needs a privacy-compliant solution for the secure exchange of confidential conversations and shared data.
Zuverlässigkeit für alle Unternehmensgrößen

Reliability for all company sizes

Teamwire is performant, highly scalable and flexible to be implemented in various infrastructures and security architectures. Choose your preferred hosting, maintenance and scalability option for your needs.

Comprehensive security on all mobile devices based on your security standards

Teamwire offers an encrypted container with granular policies, transparent access management and security settings for the needs of large companies. Together with UEM you can carry out automated roll-outs, ensure multi-factor authentication and data loss prevention, as well as detect mobile threats at an early stage.

Umfassende Sicherheit auf allen mobilen Endgeräten
Der Teamwire Messenger für Behörden


Full transparency and control for the confidential exchange of messages and files

Sichere Verbindungen zu externen Organisationen

Get the most out of Teamwire

First the end users benefit from the ease of use, many features and the intuitive user interface of Teamwire. The next step is to enable connections to third-party systems and services to automate and accelerate work flows.

Granular security policies and professional settings

The Dashboard of Teamwire provides a comprehensive set of configurations and permissions. Easy user management, dedicated access management, individual multi-device settings, transparent usage statistics and company-wide compliance policies enable the IT administration to securely manage and control the app and its users.

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Requirements for an On-Premise Messaging App

What requirements an in-house hosted communication solution should meet

Market insights & Thought leadership

Further information about roll-out and administration
Hoheit der Daten
Self-Hosted Messengers and Chat Apps for Enterprises – Important Requirements

Enterprises often want to have full control of the data and thus the servers of the software which they use. This is important to ensure maximum data protection and security.


Teamwire Dashboard 2.0

Today Teamwire is releasing the version 2.0 of the administrator Dashboard. During the last 12 months we have completely rebuilt the Dashboard from scratch, in order to improve usability, increase performance and add even more administration features.


Mit der Teamwire Drittsystem-Anbindung Daten abrufen
Teamwire Open API for IT Ecosystem Integration

An important aspect of an enterprise messaging app is the connection to the IT ecosystem of a business. For the enablement of all possible integrations Teamwire offers an API for the connection of any 3rd party software and services and Teamwire.


Secure. Simple. High-performing.

The secure business messenger for successful team communication.