Secure Business Messaging

Secure business messaging

The indispensable part of modern business communication.

The three core elements of our business messaging app


The fundamental requirement for digital chat and voice communication

Communication for Collaboration

Smooth, company-wide communication of desk and non-desk employees


IT maintains control over the product, the accesses and all data

Messaging is new normal, even in enterprises

Why it is important to use a business messaging app for corporate communications.

Teamwire Business Messaging App

It’s all about your security, privacy and compliance

Leave the security gray zones. Maintain complete data sovereignty, secure communications with strong encryption and ensure company-wide compliance. Your data protection officers and legal departments will thank you.

Employees lead the way – time to change

The change in team communication is irreversible. Frontline workers prefer communication via WhatsApp rather than e-mail and telephone. Help your colleagues to further reduce response time and increase productivity with Teamwire.

Teamwire Business Messaging App
Teamwire Business Messaging App

A messenger made for corporate IT administration

Functional possibilities are of course exciting and important, but only the comprehensive administration including user administration, rights management and security policies simply controlled via a dashboard, turn a chat app into a real business messaging app.


Business Messaging

For internal and external corporate communications

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Further information about secure business messaging

Complete Data Protection – No Compromises

As a result of the corona crisis, the need of enterprises and public authorities for digital communication solutions has increased significantly. Messaging apps, collaboration tools and video conferencing solutions are mainly required to enable effective collaboration even in the home office.


Professionelle Administration & Compliance

Today Teamwire is releasing the version 2.0 of the administrator Dashboard. During the last 12 months we have completely rebuilt the Dashboard from scratch, in order to improve usability, increase performance and add even more administration features.


Teamwire Releases Open API for the Integration into the Enterprise IT Ecosystem

Teamwire is happy to publicly release an open API to integrate the IT ecosystem of a business and our enterprise messenger. With the new API any kind of 3rd party software and services can be connected to Teamwire.


Secure. Simple. High-performing.

The secure business messenger for successful team communication.