Avoiding Security Issues with Integrations of 3rd Party Solutions

More and more businesses understand the need for a secure "Whatsapp for enterprise" app with the goal to improve the internal communication with colleagues and teams.

Teamwire, Dec 19 2015

An important factor for a good “Whatsapp for enterprise” are integrations which can increase the overall productivity of the organization: An enterprise messaging app has to optimize workflows and processes and thus integrate in all relevant IT solutions used by a business.


The most obvious IT software and services in need of integration are file sharing solutions like e.g. Box, Acronis, Accellion and Sharepoint. With such an integration the user can directly exchange and access files with colleagues via the business messaging app. This reduces clicks, saves time, improves the usability and as a result shortens the workflow.


Similar examples could be made for ERP, CRM, accounting and HR solutions, and basically all software and services in use by an enterprise. Integrations can automize notifications to inform a single worker as well as a whole team, and can streamline content sharing out of other systems to the enterprise messaging app.


While many businesses start to understand the productivity impact of integrations, far less people yet understand the security and data protection issues related to connectors and APIs: Many prominent business messaging apps use 3rd party providers for these integrations, and as a consequence confidential corporate data is shared with these 3rd party providers without the knowledge of an enterprise. Basically these are heavy data leaks built into the enterprise messaging app by default.


The 3rd party providers for integrations often offer hundreds of connectors and APIs to files sharing, CRM and other services out of the box and allow a very easy deployment. The critical downside is that every time a user accesses one of the connectors, the data is shared in most cases with the 3rd party provider of the integrations. This can be corporate data, user data, enterprise content or anything the 3rd party provider has access to.


For a business it is critical to evaluate the security of the integrations offered by an enterprise messaging app. A business has to determine if an enterprise messaging app relies on 3rd party providers for integrations, and if corporate and user data are strongly protected or at risk to be exploited by others.


Teamwire builds all integrations in house. In case we use connectors or APIs, we make sure that these integrations are highly secure, and that no corporate and user data are shared unintended with 3rd parties. Teamwire is a secure enterprise messaging app and provides strongly protected integrations into the IT ecosystem of an organization.


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