Compliant Enterprise Messaging without “Safe Harbor”

Teamwire, being a German company, stands for strong data protection, secure data storage and strict privacy law based on high German and European standards.

Teamwire, Oct 16 2015

Today was a good day for our corporate vision and the data protection of enterprises and users in general:


The European Court of Justice ruled today that the transatlantic Safe Harbor agreement is invalid. The Safe Harbor agreement lets American companies use a single standard for consumer privacy and data storage in both the US and Europe. Around 4500 companies have relied on the Safe Harbor agreement to manage and analyze European data based on US law. The ruling came after Edward Snowden’s NSA leaks showed that European data stored in the USA or by US companies was not safe from surveillance that would be illegal in Europe. Basically in those circumstances the USA currently cannot be regarded as ensuring an adequate level of data protection for enterprises and users.


Since the court is the highest legal authority in the European Union, its decision cannot be appealed. For businesses who want to easily comply with the ruling and seek strong data protection, Teamwire offers the right enterprise messaging app for companies based in the European Union:


  • We store enterprise and user data exclusively in Germany, and our data center is based in Germany.
  • We offer an on-premise solution for enterprises who want to be in full-control of their data.
  • Our company head quarter is in Germany and our privacy policy is based on strict German privacy law.
  • We comply with highest German and European data protection standards.
  • We use as minimal user data as required, anonymize all data as far as possible and also delete data if it is not required anymore.
  • Everything gets encrypted – the messages, the metadata, the transmission and the storage – in order to protect against surveillance.


Altogether, Teamwire provides secure enterprise messaging for European businesses and ensures company-wide compliance and data protection. Unlike our competitors we have never relied on Safe Harbor or other 3rd party agreements in order to be secure and private. Strong data protection based on European standards has always been a core part of our corporate DNA.


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