Desktop Apps of Teamwire Available

Starting today, Teamwire also offers native enterprise messaging apps for Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems.

Teamwire, Mar 09 2016

We are happy to announce that Teamwire is now available for desktops and PCs. As of today Teamwire offers native enterprise messaging apps for Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems.


The desktop apps provide the same features as our mobile apps for iOS and Android:


  • Users can easily send instant 1:1 and group messages, and share any digital content like photos, videos, voice messages and links with colleagues and teams.
  • Employees can set up group chats as permanent communication channels for their teams, projects and units.
  • A chat administration lists all chat members and allows to easily add colleagues to an ongoing conversation.
  • Group read receipts and threaded chats show users nicely, whose input is needed to drive a discussion and make a decision.
  • And very relevant nowadays: Our desktop apps support emojis (including easy in-app selection), which help to simplify and ease the internal communication.


All chats in Teamwire are persistent and synchronized immediately on all the devices of a user. This is a very important feature to enable perfect cross-platform use and a seamless user experience. An employee can switch between mobile and desktop devices anytime and directly continue the communication.


The desktop apps deliver the same strong security as our mobile apps: End-to-end encryption required by businesses, leading data protection based on high German standards, complete privacy protection and professional administration for enterprises.


Currently the desktop apps are still in beta. This means that there might still be minor bugs and the apps are yet not feature complete. File sharing, for example, will be added in the next couple of weeks. Until the desktop apps leave the beta phase, we will release new versions with improvements and additional features every week. (UPDATE: Many features have been added incl. file sharing and design improvements.)


As always we would be happy to hear feedback on the desktop apps. And if you have feature requests, please let us know.


Teamwire now provides a true cross-platform enterprise messaging app, that increases the productivity of your business and improves the internal communication wherever your employees are and whatever device they use.


You can get the apps from our download page. We hope you enjoy the new desktop apps of Teamwire!


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