Dracoon and Teamwire Partnership: GDPR Compliant Enterprise Messaging and File Sharing

In the future Teamwire will also offer the file sharing solution of DRACOON for its enterprise customers.

Teamwire, Sep 24 2018

From now on Teamwire is also offering DRACOON’s file sharing solution for its enterprise customers. DRACOON is the market leader in enterprise file sharing in German-speaking countries and one of the fastest-growing SaaS companies in Germany.


DSGVO-konformes File-Sharing made in Germany


The high-security, platform-independent software is available as cloud, hybrid and on-premise versions and has been named ‘Leader’ by independent top analysts such as ISG. Various certificates such as ISO 27001 and ULD certify DRACOON the highest security standards. In addition, DRACOON is the first German software manufacturer to be certified according to the European Privacy Seal “GDPR/EU-DSGVO-ready”. The universal API offers a wide range of applications, from data exchange and workflow integration, to secure e-mail communication and the complete modernization of file services.


DRACOON has a secure data storage that allows convenient and secure sharing of information in encrypted data rooms in teams or with external partners via upload and download approvals. Compared to popular US providers, the multi-certified solution “Made in Germany” is subject to the strict German data protection laws and is GDPR compliant. Numerous companies such as KfW, Rossmann, Helios Kliniken, Rödl & Partner, Deutsche Telekom, Hutchison, British Telecom, Bechtle and many more value the maximum data protection offered by the German software company with its solution.


The advantage of Teamwire and DRACOON


By working together with Teamwire, all data needed will be stored in DRACOON’s secure cloud storage so that no further data silo is created by storing information in multiple places. From there, the data can be conveniently shared. DRACOON is automatically linked to our secure enterprise messaging app, and data can easily be exchanged in chats with individuals or entire teams.


DRACOON and Teamwire follow the same strategy and complement each other perfectly from product, data protection and customer perspectives. For more information on the benefits of DRACOON and Teamwire, please contact us.



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