How a Teamwork Messenger Improves Team Communication and Collaboration

One of the most important benefits of Teamwire is better team communication and collaboration.

Teamwire, May 05 2016

Our teamwork messenger helps businesses to significantly improve the internal communication and increase the productivity of teams. Businesses and their teams benefit from our teamwork messenger in the following ways:


1. Real-Time Group Messaging to Quickly Solve Topics


Teams constantly have to solve time-critical issues. Teamwire offers team group chats that serve as an instant communication channel to address and directly solve time-critical topics. Teams can discuss important things in real-time and jointly make an informed decision on a topic no matter where team members are.


2. Direct Channel to Instantly Reach Colleagues


Teams often need immediate feedback from colleagues. Unlike email, unified communications or enterprise social networks, the Teamwire teamwork messenger provides a fast communication channel to colleagues. All messages are delivered with push notifications in real-time. Our enterprise messaging app makes sure that colleagues receive time-critical messages.


3. Group Chats as Permanent Communication Channels for Projects and Topics


Teams require direct, simple and permanent communication channels for their team members. The group chats of our teamwork messenger app enable teams to set up powerful communication channels for all relevant projects, topics, tasks and units. Teamwire allows to easily exchange, access and store all relevant team information.


4. Digital Content and Media Sharing for Better Information Exchange


Teamwire features sharing of photos, videos, voice messages, locations, links, calendar dates and files. This helps teams to accelerate and enhance the information exchange, to improve the coordination and organization, to easily capture and share ideas, and to quickly transfer knowledge and know-how.


5. Perfect Communication Tool to Share News


Our teamwork messenger is perfect to share news with whole teams or selected recipients. No matter if you want to share important news or if you simply want to get everybody on the same page with an update, Teamwire offers a personal and direct information channel.


6. Less Time Spent in Unnecessary Meetings


When using our teamwork messenger app, teams often address, drive and directly solve topics within the group chats of Teamwire. This significantly reduces the need for meetings in person. Actually the group chats of Teamwire enable employees to kind of take part in several meetings in parallel. Employees can skip unneeded meetings, can get work done and are able to focus on the important topics.


7. Faster Processes and Workflows Lead to Increased Productivity


Teamwire’s real-time messaging helps to simplify workflows, accelerate processes, engage employees and boost the team collaboration. Our teamwork messenger app makes it easy to follow internal news, access important information, and to drive work forward. As a consequence the communication time is reduced, decisions are made faster and the overall team productivity is improved.


8. Less Email Overload


Teamwire is a dedicated teamwork messenger app for the internal communication of a business. This can decrease internal email by up to 80%. Since there are less emails to process, the lower email volume leads to faster external communication and better response times to customers and partners.


9. Enabling Team Communication Independent of Place of Work


Teamwire’s teamwork messenger app is available for all mobile, tablet and desktop platforms. Chats are persistent and get immediately synced between devices. Team members can switch between devices anytime and easily continue the team communication. Teamwire ensures close collaboration and connects team members whatever they do and wherever they are – in the office, at customer’s site, travelling or elsewhere on the go.


10. Higher Team and Employee Satisfaction


Not only younger employees clearly prefer text messages over email and voicemail. Actually a larger part of the workforce never listens to their voicemails and only skims emails. Teamwire’s ease of use, compelling feature set and casual-style group chats engage team members and increase the satisfaction of the team overall.



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