Secure Messaging App for Hospitals and Healthcare Organizations

Over the past 12 months, the demand for Teamwire by clinics and healthcare organizations has increased dramatically. Our secure messaging app is ideal for hospitals, medical centers and healthcare facilities.

Teamwire, Dec 09 2018

Teamwire as a secure business messaging app is very well suited for clinics and healthcare companies. On the one hand, our Messenger is a privacy-compliant alternative to WhatsApp and improves communication and coordination in everyday life. On the other hand, Teamwire offers numerous functions and integrations that increase the productivity of doctors and nursing staff, simplify organizational processes and improve patient care.


Solving the WhatsApp Problem


WhatsApp is widely used as a part of the shadow IT in healthcare: For most clinics, hospitals, nursing homes and other healthcare facilities, the WhatsApp messaging app is the unofficial standard for quick and easy communication of physicians and nurses. In this way e.g. patient informations are exchanged and confidential photos of surgeries are shared. These are actually critical privacy breaches, because WhatsApp is not compliant with European data protection and does not fulfill the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).


As a secure alternative to WhatsApp, Teamwire enables hospitals and healthcare organizations to serve their patients as quickly and as easily but also completely legally.


Improving Communication and Coordination


Teamwire has apps for mobile phones, tablets and desktops. All doctors and nurses of a clinic or a healthcare company are connected at any time and any place with our secure messaging app. Questions about patient cases can be clarified immediately and patient information can be exchanged faster.


Also it is easily possible with our messaging app to share knowledge with colleagues and get feedback on professional topics. In addition, group chats facilitate internal coordination (e.g. of wards or nursing teams), and help to quickly distribute news and important information to the workforce.


Topic-Specific Chats for Patients and Wards


Teamwire offers topic-specific group chats. Hospitals and healthcare organizations can use our secure messaging app to easily set up group chats for individual wards, teams and departments as well as individual, case-related patient chats. In addition, group chats can have several hundred participants if needed and can easily be started with the help of distribution lists (e.g. for wards or specific medical teams).


Our messaging app enables a targeted communication. With Teamwire doctors and nurses avoid a mixture of different topics and patient data in a single group chat, which could easily lead to misunderstandings. With Teamwire it is also possible to ensure that only responsible physicians and caregivers get access to confidential patient information.


Easily Exchange Photos, Videos and Medical Records


With Teamwire various digital content can be quickly exchanged: Photos and videos of e.g. patient cases and surgeries can be shared and voice messages (also via a walkie-talkie function) can be sent. In addition, it is easy to share any documents (such as PDFs, Microsoft Office files, etc.) as well as patient files and medical records in chats.


Furthermore it is possible to inform doctors and nurses about appointments and attach locations. In hospitals and healthcare organizations, the „poll“ feature of our secure messaging app is also popular: It enables faster scheduling and easy surveys among the physicians and caregivers.


Alerting and Emergency Communication


In emergencies there was previously only calls and notifications via SMS or email as an alerting option on mobile devices. That’s why we’ve released unique alerting and crisis communication features for our secure messaging app, which are well-suited for clinics and healthcare companies.


On the one hand, Teamwire allows to send alarms to inform doctors and nurses about emergencies and critical events. These are priority messages which are received with a special alert tone on the device and are visually highlighted.


On the other hand, our messaging app has an emergency alarm (“panic button”). This is intended for emergencies in which a physicians or caregiver has no time to type and needs to alert colleagues as quickly as possible.


Fast and Secure Access for Guests


Teamwire provides secure guest accesses. For hospitals and healthcare organizations this is an easy way to communicate with patients, temporary nurses and external service providers via our secure messaging app.


The guest accounts are under the central control of the IT administration and can be deactivated at any time. Data privacy policies for our secure messaging app ensure that all communication via a guest access is in compliance with data protection regulations, that no uncontrolled data outflow takes place and that patient data as well as medical records are comprehensively protected.


Protection of Confidential Patient Data and Medical Records


Teamwire stands for data economy and strong data protection. Our secure messaging app fulfills the German data protection laws and the European General Data Protection Regulation (DSGVO). In addition, all communications and data are strongly encrypted and there are comprehensive security mechanisms.


We see ourselves as a service provider for hospitals and healthcare organizations. Our customers have full control over all data – regardless of whether our secure messaging app is operated in the German cloud or on-premise. There are easy-to-configure security policies to adequately protect patient information and confidential medical records. This does not only apply to the data on the servers, but also to all devices.


Integration in Hospital Information Systems and Electronic Medical Records


Teamwire provides an interface (API) that allows to connect any third-party system of clinics and healthcare companies to our secure messaging app. Such connections are possible to hospital information systems (HIS) and electronic medical records as well as to databases, in-house developments and CRM/ERP systems.


Use cases of integrations for our messaging app can be for example:

– A chat bot makes direct queries in the hospital information system,
– Caregivers are automatically informed about an update of a patient file, or
– Photos for a specific patient case are stored automatically in the electronic medical record.


Connection to Medical Technology, Alarm Systems and IoT


Also medical technology, robots, alarm systems and IoT can be connected to Teamwire. For example, doctors and nurses could be alerted automatically via our messaging app when a measuring instrument exceeds a certain threshold or a patient presses an emergency button of an alarm system. The possibilities of connections and integrations are very broad and play a very important role in the digitization of hospitals and healthcare organizations.


Improvement of Clinical Processes and Patient Care


As a result, our secure messaging app can greatly simplify and speed up the internal workflows of clinics and healthcare companies. Physicians and caregivers can also exchange relevant information location-independent and solve topics more quickly. Overall, Teamwire increases the productivity of hospitals and healthcare organizations and helps to significantly improve patient care.

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