Teamwire Dashboard 2.0

Today Teamwire is releasing the version 2.0 of the administrator Dashboard. During the last 12 months we have completely rebuilt the Dashboard from scratch, in order to improve usability, increase performance and add even more administration features.

Teamwire, Jul 09 2020

The goal of the new Dashboard was to set leading standards for ease of use, speed, security and compliance in enterprise-grade administration.


Complete new user interface design


The new Dashboard features a completely reworked user interface. The design is now fully based on the new corporate design, which we released last summer. Even more important, we simplified and restructured the user interface. The access to the most important tasks of an administrator is faster now, and dependent features are made clearer. Besides some menu items have been newly grouped based on user feedback. There is now also a full-screen mode, that maximizes content and hides the menu.


New level security permissions


To guarantee a fully secure enterprise messaging experience, Teamwire features a secure container, for which a comprehensive set of permissions can be configured for data protection, security and compliance reasons (which are particularly relevant for regulated industries, the public sector and healthcare). Since enterprises have sometimes different security and data protection requirements for e.g. mobile and desktop devices, the new dashboard now provides separate permissions for the different platforms and use cases.


The comprehensive permissions are now available for the mobile app, the desktop app, the web client and for bots. That means an administrator can now set different security policies for an enterprise for a use of Teamwire e.g. on a mobile device and in a browser.


Fine-grain administrator rights 


In larger organizations there are often several administrators, that need individual access and configuration rights. So far we have had super administrators, administrators and revisor accesses in the administrator portal, which had different permissions. The new Dashboard allows a fine-grained configuration of rights for each administrator. Basically an administrator can be given edit and read permissions for each menu section of the Dashboard. This gives much more flexibility in the configuration, what an administrator should be allowed to do and what data this person should be able to see.


A more complete list of features in the Dashboard version 2.0 


– New user interface design and menu structure for faster access and better usability


– Some settings and sections were split into smaller pages for easier handling


– Fine-grain permissions with ability to set read/modify permissions by section for every administrator


– Split permissions for separate security policies for mobile, desktop, browser and bots


– Improved app settings interface with all platforms in one page


– Usage stats: Improved graphics and one page view (no more tabs)


– New bulk-operations menu (bottom bar)


– Audit log: New date picker that now supports custom dates


– Preview of custom color in style settings


– Easy copy of release hash for reporting


– New fullscreen mode (with the option to hide the menu)


– New profile page re-design without tabs


– Improved administrator creation in one page


– New technology for better performance and higher stability


– Newly reviewed and modernized security for safer use



Benefits of the new Dashboard:


1) Simplified administration

2) Acceleration of roll-outs

3) Stronger security

4) Organization-wide compliance across platforms

5) Improved service levels


Availability and documentation


The Dashboard version 2.0 is available in the Teamwire cloud as of today. Customers with an on-premise solution or private cloud deployment of our secure enterprise messaging app need to update to the newest backend version.


A documentation of the new Dashboard is available via our support portal. Please direct any technical questions to your Teamwire support contact.


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