Teamwire Open API for IT Ecosystem Integration

An important aspect of an enterprise messaging app is the connection to the IT ecosystem of a business. For the enablement of all possible integrations Teamwire offers an API for the connection of any 3rd party software and services and Teamwire.

Teamwire, Jun 18 2020

The core use cases of an enterprise messaging app are instant 1:1 messaging for faster communication, group chatting for better team collaboration and sharing of any digital content for an easier information exchange. These features help to improve the internal communication overall and increase the productivity of a business. To further accelerate the information exchange a connection of 3rd party software and services to an enterprise messaging app is required.


Ecosystem connections allow to automate processes and accelerate workflows. In more simple use cases employees can access digital content, files and reports of 3rd party software and services directly in Teamwire, and share these documents with colleagues and teams. This saves time and clicks, improves the usability and expedites workflows. In more advanced use cases 3rd party software and services can send automatic notifications and/or content to single users or groups. This allows to update teams on specific work progress or to inform an employee that a decision or approval is required in order to proceed with a workflow or production process. Taken as a whole ecosystem connections can clearly drive the productivity of the workforce and the enterprise overall.


Important ecosystem connections can be file sharing, document management, enterprise resource planning (ERP), customer relationship management (CRM), project management, supply chain management (SCM), accounting software, human resource services, business intelligence software, etc. Teamwire will always try to integrate market leading 3rd party software and services into our mobile and desktop apps (e.g. as we have done with Box for file sharing). However, the software market is huge and our API will give enterprises completely free choice of ecosystem connections. No matter if it is a 3rd party service or a solution developed in-house, our API will allow businesses to easily connect any software.


The API will also allow to program bots. Bots will have access to the same feature set as normal users. E.g. they can send notifications, receive messages, create group chats and share any kind of digital content. So basically within the feature set of the Teamwire app a bot user will be able to do anything. Since a bot is controlled programmatically, the capabilities of a bot will only depend on the programming.


An important aspect of Teamwire is enterprise-grade security and strong data protection. Our API will ensure highly secure and protected connections to the business IT ecosystem based on highest German and European standards. The API will be able to be managed and controlled for the whole enterprise, and will ensure company-wide compliance.


If you want to talk about ideas, requirements or use cases for the Teamwire API and the connection of our enterprise messaging app to the IT ecosystem, please contact us.