Webinar: Messaging – The center of a communicative networking of the health care sector

With the support of Management & Krankenhaus and Wiley, we are delighted to offer an exclusive live webinar for the healthcare sector on May 5.

Teamwire, Apr 07 2022

Every day, employees in clinics, hospitals and rehabilitation centers communicate within their own organization via different instances, departments, wards or with external organizations. In addition to the main factor of security, medical institutions have industry-specific requirements for a communication solution such as interoperability, centralized administration, trouble-free deployment and ease of use for end users.



Exclusive webinar powered by Management & Krankenhaus



With the support of Management & Krankenhaus and Wiley, we are excited to host an exclusive webinar for the healthcare sector. We sincerely invite all stakeholders of clinics, hospitals, rehabilitation centers and nursing homes to participate free of charge in the webinar “Messaging – The center of a communicative networking of the healthcare sector”.


The exact webinar dates


Date: May 5, 2022

Time: 2:00 p.m. CEST

Speaker: Tobias Stepan, Teamwire Managing Director.

Language: German

Free registration at the following link.


Description of webinar



Today, messengers represent much more than simple chatting. With the help of fast and secure messenger communication and collaboration between doctors, nurses or external specialists, not only can arrangements in emergency situations be facilitated, but also the efficient and interoperable real-time information exchange – e.g. of patient records, X-rays, medications, etc. – can be strengthened.

That there is great interest in a specific messenger for the healthcare sector is demonstrated not least by gematik’s latest plans to create a new standard for real-time communication across providers and sectors in the German healthcare system with the Telematics Infrastructure Messenger (TI-Messenger for short).


However, not to be forgotten, the communication solution should be secure. And not just the solution itself, by meeting GDPR and compliance standards, but the solution should be able to integrate with the highest security standards of the corporate IT infrastructure to be prepared for cyber-attacks and not allow a dangerous shadow IT to enter more easily.



In this webinar, Teamwire CEO Tobias Stepan will explain in detail:




1. Why a messenger for clinics and hospitals is already an established communication solution among employees in the healthcare sector


2. What a standard messenger must do for healthcare organizations


3. What distinguishes a messenger standard solution from the planned TI-Messenger


4. Why the topic of federation and interoperability plays a crucial role, especially in the healthcare sector


5. How important it is for clinics and hospitals to be positioned for secure mobile communications in crisis situations to ensure the safety of the organization and all employees


6. and why a secure messenger – specialized to the needs of healthcare organizations – will be at the center of fully comprehensive communications with end-to-end networking in the future.



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Participation in the webinar is free of charge. Click here to register for the live webinar “Messaging – The center of a communicative networking of the health care sector”. We look forward to your attendance!