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Chat intuitively with basic features.

We offer maximum simplicity in using our business messenger.

As much as necessary, as little as possible

Effortlessly share digital content such as photos, videos, voice messages, locations and any files (e.g. PDFs, Office documents) with our easy-to-use interface, or link Teamwire directly to file sharing solutions (e.g. Dropbox, Google Drive, Box). That’s how we guarantee user satisfaction.
Teamwire Business Messaging App

Intuitive usability

How we guarantee user satisfaction

A specialized communication protocol for mobile data networks provides real-time delivery

Easily exchange multiples images at once - including image editing and blur effect

Group chats are the basis for successful collaboration. We provide much more than simple group communication and team channels.

Comprehensive business messaging - at any time, on any device, from any location

Sicheres VoIP und Video Calls mit Teamwire
Mit Teamwire die Team-Kollaboration voran treiben

We drive team collaboration

Teamwire guides users intuitively with minimal clicks to the desired result. Innovative features simplify the daily business messenger communication and increase productivity. In this way, we help to establish a fast information exchange and efficient team collaboration.
Sicherer Business Messenger für VoIP und Video Calls

Voice-over-IP and video calling for a better more personal exchange

  • When text and voice messages are no longer sufficient or even tend to complicate communication, video calls effectively complement direct exchanges
  • Teamwire enables organization-wide communication via voice, text, image, and video
  • Fast and automatic voice-image communication within an organization, even without a phone number
  • Available for all mobile devices
  • Encryption of all phone calls and video calls
  • Central control, data storage and rights management

A fast real-time messenger for individual and team chats

  • Organized directory incl. search function for all employees, distribution lists and bots and automated contact list maintenance
  • 1:1 and group chats incl. read receipts
  • Receive all messages for every platform instantly with push notifications
  • Find and filter all messages and latest updates in your Teamwire Inbox

Secure handling of images

  • Multiple photos/videos can be shared at once
  • Images can be edited (e.g. highlighting, coloring, image sections)
  • With a “blur” effect it is possible to blur personal data and faces
  • Images that are recorded using the Teamwire camera function are saved in a secure media library
  • Saving photos/videos in your personal photo album on the device and sharing them outside of the secure container can be prevented

Group chats are very important for the collaboration of mobile employees. We provide new capabilities for group communication.

Connect your team through a new level of group communication
  • Benefit from group chats for projects, topics, missions, branches as well as team channels
  • Create group chats with more than 2,000 members
  • Use Broadcasting for the fast distribution of news
Chat administration

A professional chat administration controls rights for adding/removing participants and numerous settings (e.g. preventing mute).


Define a distribution list of users with whom you are in regular contact (e.g. project group, team). Use this list to create topic-specific group chats with one click.


Circles are pre-defined groups, that are set by IT administration either in the Teamwire Dashboard or via Active Directory and LDAP. Changes in the members of circles are automatically reflected across all devices and dependent group chats.

All chats are persistent on all devices and synchronized in real-time

Teamwire is a multi-device platform solution, available as a native app for all operating systems of smartphones (iPhone, Android), tablets (iPad, Android), and desktops (Windows, Mac and Linux), and as a browser client.

Secure. Simple. High-performing.

The secure business messenger for successful team communication.