Business Features

Business features for successful messaging communication

Say goodbye to a full email inbox and ineffective communication. Say hello to a business messenger for increased productivity and employee satisfaction.

Push-to-Talk User Interface

Business Features

How specific features for digital communication improve collaboration in enterprises

Escalate critical events and quickly coordinate emergencies with colleagues

View the real-time whereabouts of your frontline workers

Create polls to schedule appointments, coordinate activities or conduct employee surveys

Recognize different message occasions with color-coded alerts, announcements and notices

Push-to-Talk Channel Selection

The first direct voice communication without walkie-talkie

Teamwire Push-to-Talk enables the direct exchange of voice messages via a separate Push-to-Talk user interface.

  • Push-to-Talk chats are activated in a dedicated Push-to-Talk user interface
  • Push-to-Talk chats can be played 1:1 or in group chats
  • Direct push-to-talk messages are automatically played back in the app for the recipient/group of recipients
  • Playback options can be set from the inbox
  • The IT administrator can set individual communication rules for push-to-talk chats

Fastest possible escalation with special alerting for crisis situations

Critical events, emergencies or accidents can occur in every enterprise.

  • Send alarms with special ring tones via Teamwire to create awareness
  • These kind of priority messages are visually highlighted in push notifications and in the app
  • Acknowledgment functions enable direct feedback and alarm reports simplify coordination
  • An emergency button (“panic button”) enables an alarm to be triggered immediately in situations in which an employee cannot type and every second counts

Enable your mobile workers to share their current location in real-time in a chat

In addition to static locations and locations from a database, users can also share their real-time location with other chat members. Users retain full control over whether and for how long their location information is shared. All chat members can clearly see the locations on a map and follow movements.


The live location can also be combined with the alarm function, so that mobile employees can be looked after as quickly as possible in a crisis situation.

No need for complex e-mail exchange to coordinate meetings

Sometimes it takes an e-mail history of at least six mails or a phone call of at least ten minutes to arrange and confirm an appointment. We help you to make the e-mails with the subject line “Appointment coordination” more extinct.


Use the Teamwire survey function to directly implement activities or employee surveys. Use the group function to have all necessary participants on the distribution list. Two clicks and off you go.

Teamwire Business Messaging App

Send attention messages and let your colleagues interact

Always keep track of all alert messages:

  • Alerts: Send alerts using red SOS messages.
  • Notes: Create notes to attract the attention of your colleagues
  • Announcements: Inform your employees and colleagues about events and announcements

For each attention message, your colleagues can respond by reacting to the message in different ways.

Simple business features are key to success

Communicate with your end customers in customer service via the Chat Widget on the website or via WhatsApp for Business – without data protection problems

Chat Widget

Known through live agents or Unified Communication (UC) tools such as Intercom, Bold360, LivePerson, Zendesk, Userlike and Zoho Desk, end customers are increasingly contacting customer service via live chats on the website. Use the chat widget of Teamwire with the following benefits:

  • Create a group of recipients in Teamwire that will respond directly to customer service and support requests
  • Perform real-time messaging with visitors of your website
  • Transfer the gained content into your CRM system via a possible integration
  • Archive chat transcripts in compliance with data protection regulations

The smoothest messaging communication in customer service

WhatsApp is the most popular messaging app for private use in Europe. However, companies require more business-specific features as provided by Teamwire.


Connecting both worlds – We connect both tools for a fluent communication between an end customer and the customer service team.

Secure. Simple. High-performing.

The secure business messenger for successful team communication.