Release 3.0.0 for iOS – Leading Enterprise Messaging App for iPhone and iPad

Today we released the version 3.0.0 of Teamwire for iOS.

Teamwire, Mar 10 2018

Today we released the version 3.0.0 of Teamwire for iOS. We worked very hard for more than a year to bring you the fastest, most intuitive and secure enterprise messaging app on the market.


Teamwire for iPhone and iPad was completely re-built with all our secure enterprise messaging knowledge of the last 5 years. The app is now native based on Swift and takes advantage of all the new iOS 11 features.


Teamwire product highlight:


1. We significantly improved the speed of the app – updating the inbox, opening a chat, sending a message, etc. – try yourself!


2. We redesigned the way you can add attachments to a message, making it easier and more intuitive.


3. We improved the way you view photo attachments, allowing you to swipe through all the photos in a chat at once.


4. We made the app respect system font size settings, allowing you to use bigger fonts in the app.


5. We added support for animated GIFs to make your work chats more fun.

6. We redesigned the way you can take pictures and videos.


7. We added landscape support.

8. And much much more…


When you first open the new app, all your existing chats and messages will be synced again. The only thing you might need to manually set are personal configurations in the settings.


Please send us any feedback you might have to


We hope you enjoy the new app!

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