Teamwire at GPEC DIGITAL 2019

Teamwire presents its secure messaging app for police forces, public authorities and organizations with security tasks at the GPEC DIGITAL 2019 from 13th to 14th March in Berlin.

Teamwire, Feb 22 2019

The GPEC DIGITAL is an international trade fair focusing on the digitization of internal security. The target groups of the GPEC are police, border guards, customs, law enforcement agencies, security forces, secret services, public authorities, civil protection authorities, special units and infantry of the military.


GPEC is the leading trade fair for internal security in Europe. Further information about the GPEC DIGITAL, the program and the exhibitors can be found here:


At the show, Teamwire will showcase how police, government agencies and public authorities use our secure messaging app in order to:


1. Improve mission communication and speed up the exchange of information and digital content,


2. To solve the WhatsApp problem as well as to ensure security and compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR),


3. Increase productivity through connectivity to mission control systems, reporting systems and incident processing systems, and


4. Better cover emergency scenarios with innovative alerting functions.


With leading references Teamwire understands the challenges, requirements and use cases of police forces and public authorities when using a secure messaging app.


Teamwire will be at booth D22. Please contact us if you want to arrange an appointment with us in advance. We look forward to welcoming you to GPEC DIGITAL.

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