Teamwire at MEDICA 2019

Teamwire will present its secure messaging app for healthcare, hospitals and medical centers at the MEDICA on 18th to 21st November in Düsseldorf.

Teamwire, Nov 14 2019

Teamwire will present its secure messaging app for healthcare, hospitals and medical centers at the MEDICA on 18th to 21st November in Düsseldorf.


The MEDICA is a leading fair for healthcare and medicine in Europe. There is a large exhibition area for information and communication technologies for healthcare organizations and hospitals. There we will show how Teamwire can support doctors, nurses, healthcare professionals and medical teams in the digital transformation.


More information about the MEDICA as well as the program and directions can be found here:


We recently wrote a comprehensive blog-post, how Teamwire benefits hospitals, medical centers and healthcare organizations.


At MEDICA we’ll showcase:


1. How our secure messaging app for healthcare is a GDPR-compliant alternative to WhatsApp and improves communication in everyday life of hospitals, medical centers and healthcare organizations.


2. How innovative integrations of the messaging app to e.g. EHR, monitoring systems and imaging tools accelerate organizational workflows of doctors, nursing staff and medical teams.


3. How new alerting features simplify the coordination of emergencies and improve patient care.


4. How external guest accesses offer new ways to communicate with patients.


Teamwire will be at stand F35 in hall 13. Please contact us if you would like to arrange an appointment with us in advance. We look forward to welcoming you at the MEDICA 2019.

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