Teamwire at MobileIron Live 2017

Teamwire is going to take part in the MobileIron Live! in Berlin from 1st to 2nd June, 2017.

Teamwire, May 06 2017

MobileIron Live! is the premier global event for enterprise mobile security excellence. The event brings together decision makers, leading software vendors and experts from all segments of the IT community.


Mobile is disruptive and dynamic and it‘s now an essential part of every enterprise. Is your mobile IT strategy moving in the right direction for business success? Are you keeping up with how mobile is fundamentally changing the way people work?


As part of the mobile IT strategy, secure enterprise messaging is currently a very important topic for businesses. WhatsApp as part of the shadow IT is a common problem in enterprises and there is a transition from email to messaging apps for the communication. Enterprise messaging is on track to become the preferred medium of business communication:


  • What are the critical requirements for a „Whatsapp for enterprise”?
  • Why should enterprise messaging be part of the mobile office?
  • What are the most important use cases in your industry?
  • How do enterprises comply with strong data protection and the upcoming European General Data Protection Regulation?
  • How can businesses ensure security and compliance with an enterprise messaging app?
  • What is important for professional administration and mobile application management?
  • What integrations are important for productivity, digitalization and Industrie 4.0?


If you have these or similar questions on your mind, it will definitely be worth to visit us at the MobileIron Live!


In addition, Teamwire is going to present its enterprise messaging app with several customer case studies. We will showcase how enterprises in various industries have solved the Whatsapp problem with our secure messenger for businesses. And we will describe how Teamwire has increased productivity, improved security, simplified administration and enhanced team communication in enterprises.


In case you would like to schedule a meeting with our sales representatives in advance, please contact us.


We are looking forward to meeting you at the MobileIron Live! in Berlin.

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