Teamwire Receives Trusted App Certification of MediaTest Digital

Teamwire was awarded the Trusted App seal by MediaTest Digital. The iOS and Android apps of Teamwire thereby show compliance with German data protection and security guidelines.

Teamwire, Jun 05 2017

Teamwire’s apps are characterized by BDSG/GDPR-compliant data processing and secure data storage on iOS and Android devices.


MediaTest Digital is Europe’s market leader in mobile security solutions for mobile application management and enterprise mobility management. Founded in 2012, the company today secures mobile devices for major business customers such as Lufthansa, Deutsche Post and Deutsche Bahn.


The Trusted App certification is a multi-stage audit process. On the one hand the Teamwire apps for iOS in version 2.23.2 and Android in version 3.5.1 were technically checked and subjected to a comprehensive analysis regarding data protection and security. On the other hand a legal review of the terms and privacy policies of Teamwire took place.


The final security assessment of MediaTest Digital classifies these Teamwire versions are a trustworthy app. Teamwire ensures high security standards and provides a high level of security when dealing with sensitive and personal data.


Teamwire conducts its own audits as part of the quality assurance and regularly passes penetration tests and security assessments by customers and partners (for example Deutsche Telekom’s Privacy & Security Assessment). Our involvement in initiatives such as the Alliance for Cybersecurity, Security Made in Germany and the Cloud Security Alliance also show the importance of data protection, security and compliance at Teamwire.


The Trusted App seal is another testament to the fact that not only business productivity and the user satisfaction of Teamwire are important, but data protection, security and compliance are also a fundamental aspect of Teamwire.


You can find detailed information on the topics data protection, security and compliance of Teamwire here. If you have any questions, please contact us.

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