The Value of Enterprise Messaging for Businesses

Enterprise messaging apps like Teamwire see accelerated adoption by businesses across sectors.

Teamwire, Nov 17 2015

More and more organizations consider Teamwire’s mobile enterprise messaging, because it provides distinct value and solves core problems for businesses, which other IT communication and collaboration solutions are not able to address:


1. Simplifying and Improving the Internal Communication


Teamwire enables fast, easy and direct messaging with colleagues and teams. 1:1 and group chats provide constant connection and instant feedback across the enterprise. Sharing of digital content enhances the information exchange. Overall, the internal communication is accelerated, simplified and improved.


2. Using an own “Whatsapp for the Enterprise”


With the proliferation of Whatsapp and other consumer messaging apps, and the transition away from email in the consumer market, most people understand nowadays that messaging is also the future of enterprise communication. Teamwire offers CIOs and IT departments a secure enterprise messaging app for their business needs.


3. Accelerating Workflows and Increasing the Productivity


Mobile enterprise messaging with Teamwire allows to directly address, drive and solve topics. The real-time and group messaging capabilities lead to faster response times and decision-making. As a consequence the internal collaboration is improved, processes are accelerated and the productivity is increased.


4. Connected IT Ecosystem in the Mobile Era


Enterprises need to manage an increasingly complex, dynamic and diverse IT ecosystem in the mobile era. Teamwire’s enterprise messaging app fully integrates into the IT ecosystem of a business (e.g. file sharing) with the goal to optimize workflows, streamline content access and centralize the information flow.


5. Empowering a Large Mobile Workforce


A major part of the workforce of an enterprise is now mobile (e.g. field services, workers in production facilities and warehouses, logistics and delivery agents). The mobile workforce requires a simple to use and real-time messaging app in order to improve the communication, simplify workflows and fully empower its workers and teams.


6. Securing and Protecting Enterprise Data


IT security and data protection are a high priority for enterprises in times of unreliable safe harbor agreements, constant hacker attacks and regular industrial spying. Teamwire features a completely encrypted messaging app based on strong German data protection. In addition, Teamwire is available as a cloud and on-premise solution to match the IT security strategy of a business.


7. Ensuring Company-Wide Compliance


Teamwire provides professional administration, multi-tenancy capability and complete enterprise mobility management support (incl. advanced mobile application management). The user access to Teamwire is fully secured and controllable at any time. Teamwire ensures company-wide compliance in a mobile first world.


As a result of the comprehensive value, enterprise messaging apps like Teamwire will become a standard productivity tool for businesses, and Teamwire is in an excellent position to continue its strong growth.



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